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Bowtech Diamond Razor Edge - price drop

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Good light weight setup. This bow has the 30-60lb limbs. - $200

Right handed

Draw-length range from 19" to 29".

I have the original quiver attachment for it as well.

308 fps
Dual cam with rotating module system
Full 11" of draw-length adjustment
Ability to back down draw 50%
Ergo grip fits a broad range of hand sizes

Diamond created the Razor Edge for promising young bowhunters who require high-quality gear that will provide them with a taste of success. This isn't your average starter bow. It utilizes dual cams and a rotating module system to accommodate various draw lengths. It has a draw-length range from 19" to 29". It has the ability to back down 50%, and the Razor Edge can cover a draw weight range from 30 to 60 lbs. This much flexibility makes it the only bow that can stand up to the demands of first-time shooters and seasoned big-game bowhunters. The ergo grip fits a broad range of hand sizes comfortably. The redesigned riser reflects the serious hunting bow it is. Maximum IBO speed is 308 fps at 29". Right- or left-hand models available





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