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  1. catfish campbell

    Salt Water Rigs

    3 days on the Outer Limits first week of sept. ending up with 20 bluefins total....
  2. catfish campbell

    Salt Water Rigs

    The new 2-speed Penn Fathom's are great. We charter out of Seaforth Landing and Seward every year and now prefer those over the Shimano Tiagra's and Talica's. The Shimano's are excellent reels for big fish but require tune-ups regularly to keep them in good working condition. Good luck! .....
  3. catfish campbell

    Plantar fasciitis

    Definitely check into PRP. Have successfully healed both Tennis Elbow issues after going thru all the other options and also repaired a torn ligament in my calf. Works great and is worth the money!
  4. catfish campbell

    Free Stuff/Sale

    How much for the Chain-saw?
  5. catfish campbell

    San Diego Deep Sea Questions

    Check with Paul Fischer from Outer Limits to see what openings they have left this year (Outerlimitscharters@Gmail.com)! Good luck!
  6. catfish campbell

    Water buffalo taken

    Nice job...which ranch in texas if you don't mind me asking?....
  7. catfish campbell

    5BS early archery bull tag could be yours

    can also donate to the OE4A organization that that takes kids with illness and wounder warrior kids hunting as another option.... http://www.outdoorexperienceforall.org/
  8. catfish campbell

    Hog and Exotics Hunts in Texas....

    Posting this is for a buddy of mine in Texas. He runs a good operation.... Running Hog-Dog two day weekend or weekday hunts. With meals and lodging for both days. 450 pp per day with a two day minimum & two man minimum. 350 pp on day hunts with a three man minimum. Meals and one nights lodging included on single day hunts. Four man maximum capacity on both day hunts and two day hunts. PM me for details. Cell is (210) 740-6411. Heli Hog Hunts-4500 for the first four hours with up to 4 men. 850 per hour after that. Axis buck with an axis doe, meals and lodging, cleaning and quartering, guide fee, no kill fee or trophy fee,biggest one we can get on on a three day hunt with unlimited hogs and predators and ranch transportation is 3000. Axis buck Without a doe, all-Inclusive for three day hunt is 2850. Aoudad with the same package with an axis doe is 3350 without is 3000. If you wanted to take both on the same hunting trip,I could work a little bit better rate. www.kingofeights.com Thank you and God bless Happy Trails Blake Marshall Owner/PresidentCEO King of Eights Outfitters
  9. catfish campbell

    Wild Horses

    What's the difference between the Feral Hogs we have in Texas (actually offering $5 per tail) and the these Feral Horses in Arizona.... Not that i want to shoot horses, but seems we need some kind of management plan to control the population....
  10. do you have to be a member to enter the Big 10 Raffle?
  11. catfish campbell

    11 foot Brown Bear....

    Looks like the new rule to allow taking of Brown Bears over baits is working....
  12. catfish campbell

    NM Rifle Bull Video

    nice video...well done!
  13. catfish campbell

    Chicken fried Javelina Backstrap

    Tamales with cheddar cheese are excellent!
  14. catfish campbell


    Congrats.....enjoy the fine dining!
  15. catfish campbell

    what's my chances going into 2017

    7 bonus points for 3A/3C deer....thanks!!