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  1. chico

    What's up with this?

    IMHO---Speed on the dirt roads from these UTV operators unbelievable . Not all drive like they are the only ones out there . Have seen and passed folks operating their go fast UTV's in a safe manner . Other than that be careful out there . A full size truck and UTV mix it up on the dirt roads won't be pretty . Be safe .
  2. chico

    Interesting Buck Part 2.....

    That is cool --- thank you for sharing with us all .
  3. chico

    Just a little overkill

    Congratulations to your buddy--- heck of a shot at that range---good for him .
  4. chico

    Have you seen or know this guy?

    IMHO---- It is recommended to protect yourself and family at all times , be it in town or out and about . I would rather argue in court than push up flowers ----- again just my opinion .
  5. chico

    Friends Archery Bull elk down

    Congratulations guys -- cool looking Bull .
  6. chico

    First Elk Down!

    First off congratulations to the young man , good job . Well done by all involved !
  7. chico

    People and game cameras.

    Feel your frustration-- I don't use cameras . A vehicle can be parked anywhere on public land , if you are not near it or able to make contact with whomever is out and about on public land to let them know what you are doing , they have no clue why it is there . I have seen signs posted-- sitting water hole --I will be hunting said area on so and so date , the list goes on etc . It is what it is--public land .
  8. chico

    My 1st Goat

    Congratulations , nice buck . With the kids that is great !
  9. chico

    3C Report

    Nice , good to hear . Was up 2 weeks ago a little bit of noise from the bulls . Be up again this weekend to check it out . Have a juniors hunt very soon there .
  10. chico

    2018 AZ Pronghorn

    Congratulations on a very nice buck . Thanks for sharing with us all-----
  11. chico

    First ever pronghorn!

    Congrats to you --- good staying with it , again congratulations on a trophy --- it is yours and well deserved !
  12. chico

    Holiday Travels

    All of us who will be traveling enjoying our public lands this weekend stay safe , enjoy the time with family and friends . If you are getting a late start as I am tomorrow morning safe travels .
  13. chico

    2018 elk rut

    That right there is some good news -----
  14. chico


    Online is cartoon for 28 August ... 30 August paper shows the Flags flying .
  15. chico


    Nope-- See 30 August 2018 Republic---- Much better.....