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  1. chico

    Prayers for my son

    Prayers with your son and family . Hope all prayers are answered for you and family--god speed my friend .
  2. As a kid Mutual of Omaha Marlin Perkins and American Sportsman with Curt Gowdy was must see TV . Miss those shows-----
  3. chico

    How bout them Devils!

    Congrats to the Devils----Heck of a game , Bill Walton eating Crow this morning . Was it just me or is his game calling biased ? Total Douche Bag IMHO---LOL !!
  4. chico

    Tagged my first coues

    Congrats on the Buck---good job . Sweet looking rig you have there ....
  5. chico

    Tagged my first coues

    Where did the story go , started to read and vanished ????
  6. A big Thanks and Props to all the staff at Healy"s . Purchased some goods from these guys --- Strongly recommend all CWT members to pay them a visit .
  7. chico

    The Game!!

    Unbelievable finish --- Go Devils!!!!
  8. chico

    Stolen Model 70 Varmint 223

    That really blows man , sign of the times , sad to say . Hope you can recover it .
  9. chico

    Where are some pictures from 33

    You are correct on that , have seen some pics---
  10. chico

    Jr. Cow Hunts 2018

    First off want to congratulate all the juniors who filled tags on the cow hunt . My kiddos did not fill their tags . They had opportunities on Saturday in the morning and afternoon . A little to excited when shooting lol . Was a good learning experience for them and fun was had by all . Due to school obligations our time out was cut short , but memories made and hopefully the bug was planted to keep the wheel rolling . Again congratulations to all who were successful !
  11. chico

    Switzerland Alpine Ibex makes 20!

    Congratulations ! Magnificent looking animal , thanks for sharing with us all . Again congratulations on a fine trophy .
  12. chico

    Jr. Cow Hunts 2018

    Well the time is fast approaching---want to wish all safe travels getting to your respective units with the kiddos . Make it a good safe time for the Juniors . Best of luck and have fun with them---make lasting memories !!!
  13. chico


    Man what a shame for that guy........
  14. chico

    Call it what you want

    Congratulations on a well deserved trophy--thanks for sharing with us all....
  15. chico

    Flying Bulls of Unit 10

    Wow !!! ---Notice the afterburners----