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  1. Just received this in the mail today it says unsuccessful hunt filled but clearly my daughters second choice was hunt 1190 and there were tags left for that hunt after they were done with the left overs When I spoke with the Game And Fish they told me they have not even received the application Now what should I do I feel that they owe her a deer tag for that hunt because they did screw up What should I do now
  2. I put my daughter in for the left over tags one of her choices was the 33 muzzy hunt. I called yesterday to check on her results the lady I talked to said they never received it, I mailed it from the post office hard to believe it did not get delivered I know some one that went through a similar situation , Any one else hear of this happening?
  3. Good luck there are some good bulls in the unit we took a 330 bull out of there last year on the last day
  4. 218buck

    Turned in AZ BULL Tag

    his number is 4807603868 he is a great guy sorry for your loss
  5. congrats on your bear
  6. 218buck

    Why I buy points

    Very nice good luck on your upcoming hunts
  7. 218buck

    Second Season Success

    I was able to tag out Saturday morning with help from my daughter Tessa who has had the same tag the last three years. The birds were not near as vocal as the previous years really dry this year sure could use some rain.
  8. 218buck

    Goulds - Unit 29

    Great job congrats
  9. 218buck

    My 1st Turkey

  10. 218buck

    Spring Browns

    Very nice
  11. 218buck

    Horse'n Around

    That is way better than Uber
  12. 218buck

    Cades youth turkey!

  13. 218buck

    Youth Turkey 2018

    Great job congrats
  14. 218buck

    Youth Turkey 2018

    Good luck