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  1. 218buck

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

  2. 218buck

    Goulds in the Santa Ritas

  3. 218buck

    5B Merriam - Love it!

    Congratulations nice bird
  4. Who would want one of those ? HA HA
  5. 218buck

    New Mexico draw

    That is awesome congrats
  6. 218buck

    New Mexico draw

  7. 218buck

    New Mexico draw

    Nothing for me and my daughter getting back over 16k on my credit card bummer was hoping to have drawn something
  8. 218buck

    New Mexico draw

  9. 218buck

    New Mexico draw

    If you applied in New Mexico with the Etag option you can check results that way
  10. 218buck

    Last junior bird down

    Congratulations great job
  11. 218buck

    Axis Deer

    We have ben eating her oryx and it has been awesome. I have heard that axis is even better we have 230 pounds at the processor , Congrats on your axis
  12. 218buck

    Axis Deer

    Tessa was able to take this axis deer in Texas. She was able to sit a water hole where a herd showed up at last light. She made quick work of the axis buck. Looking forward to trying the meat from it. Her oryx has been amazing and I have been told that the axis is even better
  13. I am in the process of buying a general the dealer is trying to sale me these two items. Was wondering who has purchased these items was it worth it ,was it necessary? Thanks
  14. 218buck

    Az spring bear?

    Good luck
  15. 218buck

    Az spring bear?

    I will be going out i have the governors tag got till August 14th just been waiting on the weather. Almost time good luck to you