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  1. 218buck

    Nice Boar

    Congrats nice bear
  2. I have a friend looking to buy a good used bow right handed 30 inch draw 60-70 pound thanks
  3. 218buck

    Matthews DXT Bow For Sale

    is this still available
  4. 218buck

    Lets get it started

    Come on
  5. 218buck

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Tick Tock
  6. 218buck

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    sheep 46b west
  7. 218buck

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    46b west sheep tag would be awesome
  8. 218buck

    Choosing a bow

    I have won my choice of one of the following bows I was just looking for any feedback good or bad on these bows so I can try to figure out which one to get thanks Hoyt Helix Mathews Vortix Prime CT3 and the PSE Evoke
  9. Just wondering what it would take to get into max point draw
  10. 218buck

    Hunter’s Big Chance 2019

    That's great that Hunter will get to chase antelope this year good luck to dad and Hunter.
  11. 218buck

    Pig video 12 year old young lady

    Great job congrats
  12. 218buck


    Cant wait for elk season to open
  13. 218buck

    Tuesday Turkey

    Great job congrats
  14. 218buck

    Opening morning Archery Gould's

    Congrats nice bird
  15. 218buck

    The singing gobblers of south Mexico