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  1. 218buck

    OTC gobbler down

    Congrats great accomplishment with a bow nuggets look tasty as well
  2. 218buck

    I took the surrendered tag in 35a

    Congrats nice bird
  3. I am trying to find info on the bear i killed in 2016 do you know how to find the age info for individuals thanks
  4. Does anyone know how to find this info for a individual been trying with no luck thanks
  5. 218buck

    ISO framer/framing crew

    Try Eric with level line 6236807920 or Scott Colter 6022906359 tell them that JR with James Lynch drywall gave you the number good luck
  6. 218buck

    Rocky off the side of the road

    These pictures got me dreaming about drawing a sheep tag this year
  7. 218buck

    Lab puppies???

    We got a lab from Barb she has been a great dog sorry for your loss
  8. 218buck

    Stolen Binos

    Sorry to here that hope you get them back
  9. 218buck

    New Mexico draw results

    Five red one green drew rifle antelope better than nothing
  10. 218buck

    Junior bird down!!!!

  11. 218buck

    New Mexico draw results

    I keep hearing tomorrow last year it was on this Wednesday
  12. 218buck

    New Mexico draw results

    I hope tomorrow is the day for the results to come out i put in for almost everything hoping to see some green tomorrow good luck to all that applied
  13. Have 200 rounds of Prime 6.5 SAUM ammo for sale $325
  14. Bought last year for a trip to Colorado but went a different direction never used $300
  15. 218buck

    Free camo

    Glad i could help