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  1. 218buck

    Scope vs Scope Question

    I think the old saying you get what you pay for is pretty true when it comes to optics
  2. 218buck

    Drywall clean-up

    Drywall Company looking for someone that can remove excess drywall after the hanging stage to remove from job site.
  3. 218buck

    Kansas Success

    It was 15 the morning i shot mine that was cold
  4. 218buck

    Kansas Success

    Tessa and myself just got back from a quick trip to Kansas we both took good bucks but mine will need some fixing
  5. 218buck

    Unit 23 late rifle bull

    What a great bull congrats
  6. 218buck

    Lead sled DFT2

    I bought this and I’ve only used it one time I’ve got the bags to go with it I would like to get 152
  7. 218buck

    New in box Huskemaw scope

    I have a brand new in the box Huskemaw 5 to-20 x 50 tactical scope asking 2000 sells for 2300 it’s still in the plastic never been out of the box
  8. Well my daughter Tessa has been dating her boyfriend Alex for some time now. He has never hunted anything besides birds well i figured it was about time to change that. After talking with Billy Gonzales with Bucks and Bulls about a unit that would be easy to draw as well as have a chance to have success we applied and were drawn. I had taken him out shooting a few times and he did great shots out to 200 yards. Well opening morning we hiked about two miles into an area we split up so we could cover more ground. We soon found a few bucks one was a shooter so my supertindedent Waldo decided to try and take him. His shot was almost 650 yards he made a good shot and the deer went down. The other buck with him just stayed put right above him. So we called Tessa on the radio to get over here with Alex we had the gun already set up for him. As soon as he got there the deer started to walk away Billy was able to stop him with a whistle Alex shot and made a perfect shot at 600 yards. So now we had two deer down we spent the rest of the day getting them out. The next morning we went to a different area we soon saw this buck that i was able to take at 700 yards. What a great hunt saw about 30 bucks and at least that many does spent Sunday cutting them all up. I do believe Alex is hooked and now ready for the javelina hunt we drew.
  9. 218buck

    29 Goulds draw

    That is awesome congrats
  10. 218buck

    They are hitting cards

    It has started
  11. 218buck

    29 Goulds draw

    Just wondering if any one on here has drawn this tag and if so how many points did you have also first or second hunt thanks
  12. 218buck

    Guess the score.

    That is a great buck congrats i guess BIG !
  13. 218buck

    3 for 3 in 20C **UPDATED WITH VIDEO**

  14. 218buck


    I was wondering if anybody knows of an instructor that could come to my house I have about six friends that are wanting to get their permits I live in Rio Verde thanks
  15. Here is the Coues deer I was able take with my statewide tag with the help of Kory and Bobby of A3 . There knowledge of the area and with the deer was truly amazing. Once we found this deer they spent hours breaking it down. It was decided that we would try and harvest this deer. We had to relocate to find him again and after 8 hours of waiting he finally reappeared just before dark . Now he was with another buck of similar size but was a typical 3x3 with amazing eye guards. To be able to have two 130 inch bucks standing next to each other I thought I was seeing things. Now I had to make a decision it was an easy one for me. I like em trashy . After we ranged him at 600 yards I let my Axis works 280 AI do the rest. It was now almost dark Kory and I hiked down to the deer When I put eyes on him I was speechless it was bigger than we had thought . I told Kory I was going to do a life size mount so he was very careful field dressing the deer. He then proceeded to load the deer into his pack whole it’s a pack that he has designed and just now starting to sale it was his smaller one about 3200 CI it was amazing all of the room it had not to mention it’s the best built pack I have ever seen I am getting one. His company name is Desert Mountain Outdoors Well after many miles of packing we got back to camp about midnight what an epic day. Still in shock of being able to take a deer like this thanks to A3 and there amazing guides Kory and Bobby.