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  1. 218buck

    44bn tag holder

    That is very nice of you to offer your help
  2. Congratulations sound like an adventurous hunt that is a great buck
  3. 218buck

    Waldo's First Black Bear

    I would like to be the first to tell you congratulations well deserved my friend
  4. This all started with my best friend and business partner Waldo wanting to take a black bear for most of his life! After my daughter Tessa had taken a giant bear a few years ago as well as myself taking a several bears in the past.... we purchased a bear hunt at a mule deer banquet put on by Terry Herndon. The hunt was offered by Travis the owner of OCHD. We made arrangements and determined we would meet in Klondyke on Thursday the day before the hunt was opening. Just a few of the honorable mentions or perks of this hunt where: 1) Travis had a big nice fifth wheel trailer for us to stay in! 2) several of Travis's close friends came just to insure our successful outcome. 3) After a GREAT dinner and a few cocktails on Thursday night we made plans on what we were going to do for opening morning! Early open morning Friday, as per our previous night of solid planning we found ourselves glassing from a great vantage point! We immediately glassed up a really nice bear. Waldo decided that the bear was worthy of his tag. After a short hike he was able to shoot and harvest his FIRST ever Arizona black bear! Waldo decided to have a life size mount recreated... in my opinion there is nobody I trust more for this special trophy than Wes with Western Taxidermy. Wes has been my go to taxidermy for many, many mounts and each and everyone of them have all turned out great! The bottom line is we would highly recommend Travis for over the top knowledge of this business as well as the excellent accommodations provided. Thanks again!
  5. 218buck

    2021 19A Rifle Tag

    Great job awesome memories
  6. 218buck

    2021 AZ archery bull *story added*

    Great bull congrats
  7. 218buck

    Daughters sheep hunt

    I hope you guys get a giant ram good luck
  8. 218buck

    Tessa’s freak goat

    She needs a mountain lion and a bighorn to complete her big ten she has killed an antelope in Arizona already
  9. 218buck

    the 2nd hardest thing I'll ever do

    That sucks i hope you get better
  10. 218buck

    Fast-paced 2021 NM Pronghorn Hunt

    Great write up as always that sounds like one action packed day of hunting congrats to all
  11. Great bucks congrats
  12. 218buck

    Tessa’s freak goat

    Thank you she sure has turned out to be quite the huntress has really turned into a great glasser normally finds critters before me not sure if that’s saying much
  13. 218buck

    Tessa’s freak goat

    Tessa was able to harvest this very unique antelope after 3 days of trying. Well persistence paid off on the last morning of are New Mexico hunt with one well placed shot I was able to take a good goat on the second day. The drought sure seemed to hurt them on there horn growth this year. She will be off to chase elk on the Navajo reservation starting September 1