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  1. 218buck

    Motorola CP 200 5 watt radios

    Do you have cases on them if so were did you get them and how good are they thanks
  2. 218buck

    Motorola CP 200 5 watt radios

    I just bought a pair looking forwRd to trying them
  3. 218buck

    Motorola CP 200 5 watt radios

    Was wondering if anybody has used these radios if so how did you like them thanks
  4. 218buck

    Hunting radios

  5. 218buck

    Hunting radios

    Motorola CP 200
  6. 218buck

    Hunting radios

    I was thinking about the Motorola CP 200 5 watt radios I wonder how these compare to the radios you bought
  7. 218buck

    Hunting radios

    Does anybody know of a place in town Where I could buy some good two way radios thanks
  8. 218buck

    1st buck for Camm

    That's awesome congrats
  9. Does anybody know where I might be able to find a front rack for a 2015 Yamaha Viking in the Phoenix area need it for my Hunt on Friday thanks
  10. 218buck

    Back to Back Bulls

    Nice bull congrats
  11. 218buck


    330 or better saw one that might make 350 had this same tag about 10 years ago before they had any of the other hunts in this unit for elk 350 bulls were very common could be found all over. The game and fish have ruined this unit ., Oh well they are creating hunting oppertunities so they say.
  12. 218buck


    Does anyone on here have this tag just curious I'm signing my tag over to my daughter been scouting seeing bulls only one shooter so far
  13. I have hunted 21 a lot I think I can give you some helpful info PM sent
  14. 218buck

    Monday morning success

    Congrats on your bull