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  1. bigrackhunter14

    19a??? No javis

    Anyone been seeing javis in 19a? Been hunting hard around water, mountains, flats, and rolling hills. From verde river to copper rd off 69. Not one pig. Any help? Would like to see one. Thanks
  2. bigrackhunter14

    PSE Full Throttle

    I would rather trade. but around $850
  3. bigrackhunter14

    PSE Full Throttle

    2014 pse x force full throttle bought last month. has custom string stops. draw is 29 1/2 and draw weight is 70lbs. nice bow. also have a brand new ripcord code red in package. make offer or trade. call or text or pm anytime 928 821 0946
  4. great footage!! thanks for posting
  5. bigrackhunter14

    first ever bear tag ?s

    im looking in the 2014-15 Arizona Hunting Regulations and on pages 58-59 it shows the bear seasons and nothing about 'non-permit' hunt just General Bear and Archery only Bear and then Harvest limit. think yall are talking about the Fall or spring regs...? I don't have those regs yet.
  6. was wondering if under the General Bear in regs are the OTC? like most units open tomorrow (Oct. 3) for otc tag? some buddies say yes some say no. im just uneducated with the otc bear season. it doesn't say Over-The-Counter like archery deer. thanks for any input.
  7. bigrackhunter14

    How to get a Polaris Ranger quieter...

    i have an 09 700 and its pretty darn quiet compared to others. my wives unc has a t rex and its loud and buddies have rhinos and mine is super quiet next to them unless w/o and mine smokes all of theirs. I have a 3 inch lift, stock pipe, stock rims but bigger tires. I don't mind no power steering but im only 24....lol my problem is cheap cv axles and fuel pumps. I have replaced both front cv axles 3 times and fuel pump and filter a lot. my 84-86 Honda atc's run way better than my 09 Polaris... lol
  8. bigrackhunter14

    Ever seen one like this?

    had one sneak up on me pulling cards after dark. I was kneeling down and heard the claws on rocks so I was thinking bear or lion. stood up and pulled the ol .45 and all I seen in the flashlight was the tail. freaked me out bc I had never seen one before but glad it wasn't a bear or lion. sucker had some claws and nasty looking teeth. but didn't run very fast when I chased the dang thing away. first and only one I ever seen.
  9. bigrackhunter14

    Career advice?

    both my brothers are up in the oil fields and been working up there for years and one works 4 on 2 off and makes unreal money! both say its not too bad of work but the -30 winters suck. work as many hours as you want. he has sent me pics of 9800 dollar paychecks many times. I wanted to go work up there but i had my both my boys within 3 years and couldn't leave my wife here with a new born and a toddler. as soon as they both get a couple more years older i will be going. i will hate leaving them for weeks but i love spending money... and she would like my checks looking like that also. just an idear
  10. bigrackhunter14

    Bull Basin Archery

    we are 70+ miles south of bull basin in Flag and about 15 miles away from an archery shop in Prescott valley and will travel 70 miles for their service everytime. even to just look around. Junior, Maverick, Harky, and Parker are bad***. great guys
  11. bigrackhunter14

    6a help

    Me and my cousin will be up there Thursday and all day Friday and we will be looking for bears because 6b sucks. there is always room with us.
  12. bigrackhunter14

    cards are being hit

    90 bucks pulled for either kiabab or strip baby! nothing for turkey yet! bull tags and deer tags this year
  13. bigrackhunter14

    looking for xj parts/accessories

    i just got a 91 xj lifted and it needs a few things so im asking here first if anyone has any parts or accessories (mostly accessories) laying around and could use some cash or trades... message me what ya have. i have cash now but it will be burning a hole in my wallet. heres some pics i took
  14. bigrackhunter14

    Savage 116 SS 7MM Mag **SOLD**

    pm sent
  15. bigrackhunter14