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  1. I have two kuiu bino holders one is vias and major brown. Major brown $50 shipped vias is $40 shipped one buckle is cracked but still functional with super glue like new badlands superday. Wifes bag used one hunt waist belt was too large $150 shipped located in Prescott Valley Brandon
  2. Still available. I will be driving through phoenix this weekend if it makes it easier.
  3. Up for sale today is a Ruger Model 77 Mark II chambered in 7mm mag. It has a 3-10x40 Cabelas scope on it. Come with 1 inch and 30 mm rings. Has a gray laminate stock. Barrel is 24 inches long. Current weight is 8lbs 12 oz. I am building another gun so this one needs to go. Asking $650
  4. vanhornsky

    30 carbine ammo

    As title states. Maybe 100 + rounds. I recieved in trade and have no use for them. Make an offer.
  5. vanhornsky

    Long range scope help???

    I have a couple of luepold vx3s they track very well and have good glass. They have a great warranty and for the money are hard to beat. It is what I started with before I bought a Nightforce. I have one I can let go if you are interested. Pm me.
  6. Here is the story I have had the 7mm for around 10 years or so. I received it used from my cousin as a gift used. I have shot around 8 boxes or so of ammo. So I am not sure of the total round count. I tried the 162 amaxs and with that it would group about 2" at 100. Then I tried the 154s and it shot those pretty good about 1 1/4". It has been sitting in my safe for 8 years, it came out on an elk hunt for my buddy about 5 years ago and smoked an elk a 475. I have not shot it since. I moved up to a 300 Ultra mag for my gun and it is a too much gun for my daughter to shoot when she gets a little bit bigger. Thanks for your interest. If you would like any other pictures, I would be happy to take them for you. Current weight is 8lbs 12 oz.
  7. Ttt looking for a glock 27 as a possible trade. Maybe even a 1911.
  8. Anybody want a good gun?
  9. Here is a picture. Gun is located in Prescott Valley. Thanks for looking.
  10. vanhornsky

    NightForce NXS 3.5x15x56 Np-R1 MOA Zero stop

    These are great scopes. You may have better luck on long range hunting or something similar. GLWS
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    Rifles for sale - Remington 280 Mtn Rifle

    Thank you for the details. I was looking at the pictures and could not tell. I was looking for a stainless one. Good luck with the sale
  12. vanhornsky

    Rifles for sale - Remington 280 Mtn Rifle

    Can you tell me more about the 280? Like is it stainless what stock weight. Etc. thanks
  13. vanhornsky

    Rifles for sale - Remington 280 Mtn Rifle

    Can you tell me more about the 280? Like is it stainless what stock weight. Etc. thanks
  14. vanhornsky

    Sold-Please delete

    What does it wiegh?
  15. So after two years I somehow broke the bracket for the strap on my Icon headlamp. I contacted them sent a picture and they are sending me a new brand new icon headlamp free of charge. This light is great it is one of the best ones that I have used. Add the supurb customer service on top of that and you have a great product. Thank you Black diamond Brandon
  16. So what tripods are you guys running with the big eyes. I am looking at upgrading. Thanks
  17. vanhornsky

    tripod head

    I run the manfrotto fluid head, love it. 700 rc2 same as bhuntin
  18. vanhornsky

    Free trailer axle 3500lbs 75" hub face

    Where are you located?
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    Thats Funny it is always for my buddies. They dont know how to shoot them off the road.
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    Reduced. Trying to fund another project