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  1. Selling my Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip tripod head and panning attachment. Retails for $300 asking $250 via Pal Pal shipped. Only used a few times and is in like new condition. Thanks Adam
  2. bighouse31

    Boys Unit 8 Hunt Help

    Anyone have any ideas for unit 8 my two boys have tags and at this point are looking for any bull. Saw a few bulls on Saturday but way off in an canyon I can't get them into. We have been hunting the west side of the unit but ventured over to the southeast side today and put on a lot of boot miles but did not turn up anything but bucks and turkeys. Any ideas would be appreciated. Adam
  3. bighouse31

    Unit 8 late Outfitterd

    Who would you recommend for late rifle 8 bull hunt. Thanks
  4. bighouse31

    Who drew antelope tags??

    Unit 7 rifle tag for me. Super excited and unexpected. Boys both drew late 8 rifle bull tags so will have a busy fall
  5. bighouse31

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD

    Bump for a good guy. Bmack is as solid as they come new to cousewhitetail but an old hat on MM and OYOA. Adam
  6. bighouse31

    WTB 22-250 Brass (Hornady Preferred)

    I have two boxes of Hornady 22-250 ammo I am willing to sell email me if interested. adam.casagrande@gmail.com
  7. bighouse31

    FS Vortex Kaibab HD 15x56 Binos

    Excellent condition!! Great glass if you are looking for a pair of 15's. Vortex carries a lifetime warranty. Email me and I will send you pics if needed. adam.casagrande@gmail.com $925 Paypal +3% Shipped Lower 48