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  1. Fulch

    what gun?

    +1 on the 300wsm
  2. Port A is nice, I've been out a couple times, no fishing just to check it out, only been in Corpus 8 months now. Try this, all it is is panels and T posts.
  3. Fulch

    A few more Bear pictures from myTrail Cam

    The last ones great.
  4. Fulch

    Aoudad/ Barbary sheep in arizona

    They are everywhere here in Texas, congrats, that's an awesome kill.
  5. Fulch

    Wondering if this is possible...

    I've had it happen calling coyotes, had a tag and missed the shot. It haunts me still. This was out near Superior.
  6. Fulch

    Elk mounts hung

    Classy, I'm jealous.
  7. Ask Coues members for their honey holes coordinates?
  8. Fulch

    The Walking Dead Finale

    Reganranch-how long you been in Texas, we moved from Phoenix 6 months ago. Walking Dead is great stuff, till next season.
  9. Nice work man, congrats. That's quite the exit wound.
  10. Fulch

    Lr-308 upper wanted.

    Check on www.slickguns.com, deals from all over posted by anyone.
  11. That's funny, you look just a little rattled.
  12. Fulch

    Cal. Question

    Shoot just read your post with your sons height/weight. He'll always grow into it. Good luck with the search. 110 gr for elk is WAY to light for elk IMHO, large and very tough animals. All my shots have been within 250 yards with 150-180gr (other than black powder 250 gr), all with key vital shot placement.
  13. Fulch

    Cal. Question

    How bigs your son? I have a 300 Win Mag Remington that packs a punch but I also have a 300WSM Weatherby Vanguard (without a muzzle break, Win Mag has a break) that kicks like an air gun in comparison. I shoot 180gr from both, both knock elk down like a sledge hammer but I could shoot the WSM all day, plus it's light to carry. I'm 5'-6" 155lbs and but pack elk like a mule. I love my Vanguard, wish I have 5 of them. Traded an outboard 9.9 Yamaha for it a few years ago, best trade ever. Premium ammo's pricy and hard to find if you don't reload however.