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    Looking for a Rem 700 Magnum action/rifle

    Pm sent
  2. WildernessMark204

    140pcs 7mm Rem Mag BRASS 1X fired

    Ive got 140pcs of once fired HSM Brass. (FC / Federal) All shot from same custom rifle (tac match chamber) $65 shipped obo.
  3. WildernessMark204

    swarovski nl pure

    Need to call Jaret Owens... best prices hands down. I’ve bought all my glass from him +1 (805) 551-6815
  4. WildernessMark204


    I’ll take them. PM in bound
  5. WildernessMark204

    Seekins Havic Bravo 6creed

    love 6 creed. good luck with sale
  6. WildernessMark204

    WTB Swaro ATX 85

    PM me, I have a contact that can get you best price / cost on new from factory, full warranty etc. still spendy compared to used, but if you’re interested...
  7. WildernessMark204

    WTB Swarovski 12x50 EL

    Yep, they are amazing!
  8. WildernessMark204

    WTB Swarovski 15x56 HD

    I have a hook up if he wants any Swaro products NEW. (discounted, of course) PM me.
  9. WildernessMark204

    SPF Mathews Halon 6 27.5/60-70lb

    Mathews Halon 6. 27.5 inch draw. 60-70lb limbs Stone (Grey) riser / Black limbs Comes with everything shown on bow in pictures: QAD elite drop away rest CBE TEK Hybrid 5 pin sliding sight (.010 pins) 5/16 peep sight and D Loop HDA Pro 3 grip (adjustable) Limb Saver front and rear stabilizers (Bee Stinger rear adjustable angle arm) LOC Outdoorz wrist sling This bow is in perfect condition. Strings and cables perfect. No rust, scratches, or discoloration. Never hunted with. Compact, unbelievably smooth draw, fast fast fast. Ive got a lot of Easton FMJ arrows to make this a turn key hunting rig. If that helps sweeten the deal $SPF OBO. Only trades Im looking for are Nightforce NXS or SHV scopes in MOA. Ill add cash on my side if necessary.
  10. WildernessMark204

    SPF Mathews Halon 6 27.5/60-70lb

    Halon 6 mods are like $39. You'd need a Mod C or maybe D. Archery HQ could do it in like 10mins and you'd be set. Ill even buy the mods (or take it off the price)
  11. WildernessMark204

    SPF Mathews Halon 6 27.5/60-70lb

    I would take the NPR1 over the 2 but am open to discussing. I am in Queen Creek, I work in Casa Grande, I can make arrangements to get to Tucson for serious buyers
  12. WildernessMark204


    PMd you. I will most likely take this...
  13. WildernessMark204

    Sold sold sold

    FHF GEAR LARGE PRO BINO and RANGEFINDER Case FUSION CAMO Brand new, I bought all this and never used it. Everything in pictures is included BINO CASE LARGE PRO RANGEFINDER CASE SHOULDER PADS IN BLAZE ORANGE AND FUSION $SOLD. shipped to your door PP friends and family or you cover fees (+3%) First posted "ill take it" in thread, at asking price, wins. Please follow up with a PM
  14. WildernessMark204

    Sold sold sold

    bump, price lowered to $100 shipped TYD!!
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  16. WildernessMark204


    I used this with my TRICLAWPS, tripod, and AR15. WORKED great for glassing too. Has ver little wear, few bumps and scratches. 100% functional. Comes with 2 plates, box and original stuff. SOLD shipped TYD. first "ill take it" posted in thread wins. follow up with a PM please.
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  18. 10.5" FUSE CARBON BLADE HUNTER W/ QUICK DETACHMENT HARDWARE REALTREE AP. $75 shipped TYD. first posted "ill take it" in thread, at asking price, wins. Please follow up with a PM.
  19. WildernessMark204

    Sold sold sold

  20. WildernessMark204

    SPF SIG KILO 2000

    I used this very little, great rangefinder, very feature packed. Very clean, comes with original box and stuff it came with. Ill also throw in an extra battery. $275 shipped insured TYD. I am in CASA GRANDE weekdays 5am until about 2pm. I can make arrangements for TUCSON, my best bud is Firstcoueswas80. first "ill take it" at asking price, posted in thread wins. follow up with a PM.
  21. WildernessMark204

    SOLD MSR CARBON REFLEX 1 (1 P tent and accessories)

  22. MSR CARBON REFLEX TENT. I purchased new from REI about 3 years ago. I have used very little. It is a great tent, super light weight. No rips or stains. All Seams are in great shape. It has been stored for a few years, I took it out and unfolded it to take these pictures. Comes with all the original equipment, mesh tent, rain fly, carbon poles, aluminum steaks, guy lines, and foot print. Also included are the following pictured items: BIG AGNES Q-CORE-SL insulated air pad (no leaks) EXPED AIR PILLOW (M) THERMAREST Z LITE yellow/foil foam pad. I used all this together as a set, everything fits inside tent perfectly. Very cozy, very warm. Great condition. (FYI this is not a free standing tent. must be tied/ staked down.) $300 shipped TYD. Post "i'll take it" in thread, then please follow up with a PM. I listed this on eBay, I reserve the right to close the auction at anytime if it sells there first.
  23. WildernessMark204

    SOLD MSR CARBON REFLEX 1 (1 P tent and accessories)

    Bump lowered to $300 TYD
  24. WildernessMark204

    SPF ZEISS CONQUEST 4.5-14X50MC Rifle scope

    ZEISS CONQUEST 4.5 - 14 X 50 MC TARGET TURRETS I have had this scope several years. it has pristine glass. no scratches, or dings/dents. only had it on a bolt action 223. has been in the safe for a year. Target Turrets, standard Duplex reticle. Comes with the pictured Leupold Mark4 rings. I have done a 10min "box-test" with this scope and it tracked perfectly. $550 I will ship insured, TYD. first "ill take it" in thread wins. Please follow up with a PM. I am in CASA GRANDE weekdays 5am until about 2pm. I can make arrangements for TUCSON. (my best bud is Casey, FIrstcoueswas80).
  25. WildernessMark204


    I have had this tripod for a couple years. I haven't taken it out of the garage for at least a year. It is a basic beginner aluminum tripod. light weight. 100% functional, everything works great. it will come with one quick detach plate and my first homemade universal binocular adapter (patent pending, lol). Nothing special here. If you have a youngster who is just getting into hunting I will give to you for FREE, just pay shipping. (If for a youngster, and wanted, I will even include the pictured OLD Nikon 10X42s, be warned, one of the plastic eyecups is cracked/broken. But id bet if you ship to NIKON they will repair or replace for free, they have outstanding customer service. But NO promises, that's your battle. But what do you have to lose?) In an effort to be fair and equitable, the first posted "ill take it" in thread wins. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE FINAL DECISION ON WHO GETS IT. NO WHINING, ITS FOR THE KIDS! send me a PM after posting "I'll Take It". You pay shipping.