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    Bragging Rights!

    I am designing 5 shirts (the first round) and am doing a "Bragging Rights Contest" to find some of the best pictures of Monster Bucks, Huge Elks, Colossal Boars or any other trophy game that’s worth its weight in Bragging Rights to create the shirts, and wanted to ask if any one reading this would like to submit a photo for consideration. If you are selected as one of the 5 “Bragging Rights” winners, a likeness of the game you submit will be reincarnated in its natural surroundings and reproduced on a shirt for others to see and enjoy around the world. To find out more information you can go to the picture submit form at: http://www.muzzlelife.com/webcon/bragging-rights-contest/ Thank you for your consideration, James www.MuzzleLife.com