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    How long until cards are hit??

    I just got hit this evening! Probably an early WT tag.
  2. SOLD Due to shoulder rebuild, I was forced to buy a crossbow last summer. This was bought brand new and has less than 40 shots through it. I used it on 1 hunt and shot a buck with it. Comes with extra bolts, the cocking mechanism installed, quiver is quick release, scope is an illuminated bdc type. This crossbow is super accurate and super fast. All set up and ready to hunt. Asking $650 open to offers or trades. Located in Camp Verde. Willing to meet half way. Text 9283006142 thanks.
  3. Yes sometimes! I could meet you in north PHX almost any night.
  4. Bump someone shoot me an offer. Let's get this killing machine out of my garage.
  5. Also open to guitars or amps.
  6. Would be interested in a rifle in 7mm rem mag, old lever guns.

    SOLD - 270 Win. Brass

    I'll take this. PM inbound.

    Delete pleaae

    Delete please.

    elk nose ?

    Bark beetles....

    Results are up

    7w archery bull. Ran to bull basin and bought a new V3 31 to celebrate the tag! Ya I'm a little excited!

    2021 Draw

    Does the 1-800-DEER-TAG number still work? I haven't heard anything about it in awhile..

    2021 Draw

    Screenshots or it didn't happen. Come on guys you know the rules....
  13. It was a crazy opening morning. People all over in my spots, flat tire on the side by side, forgot bullets in my truck... Ended up right on top of this buck at 275yds watched him bed. Got a good rest and pow! Clean miss! He jumped 10 yards and pow! Did 2 cartwheels to a quick death. My first good coues deer! Got him cleaned up and to the processor in under 1 hour....as we walked out the ridge near the truck we spotted movement, a deer had walked in and bedded about 50 yards from where this buck had bedded.... We couldn't spot him. Ran my deer to the processor. And quickly ran back up the hill to get eyes on this mystery deer... I spotted it...it was a buck! and then I talked my buddy into pulling the trigger on it. I can't believe we shot 2 bucks....off the same ridge.... 50yards apart. It was a great feeling to have 2 bucks in the freezer and home before dark on opening day! We partied a little bit.

    Time for the 243

    The .243 is one of my favorite things ever! I wouldn't hesitate to shoot it out even farther.

    Delete please

    Delete please

    Amazing hunt

    Great season! Got into a herd having a full blown party, opening morning (a week late in 7w this year for the early muzzy hunt in there) Had some bruisers just out of bow range. Got into big bulls every single day and no shortage of amazing elk hunting! Met some cool hunters in the field, earned some blisters and bruises. Found a good shed, hiked through God's most beautiful country, I had a great time overall. I called in many bulls, saw some of the most jacked up bulls I've ever seen, took a shot and missed at a 3x6 that was so strangely cool.. and an hour after that, I managed to slock this little guy on Monday evening. Ranged him at 86 yards, as I began to punch the trigger I noticed a blade hanging out if the rubber band..... Talk about a dilemma..... I punched the trigger anyway. Bull ran 40 yards and spin-out dead! Had him half quartered up before my fellow archers showed up, 2 trips down the mtn, and we had him bagged and tagged and hanging in the cool air back at camp by 1am. My 4th archery bull and I really really enjoyed the hunt. Just got home to do laundry and work tomorrow, then back up the hill to call in another bull for my buddy.

    Guys heres is my bull..

    Any bull slocked with an arrow is a trophy indeed. Congrats on your hard earned success.

    More trail camera thief's...

    Sickens me to think that someone is out there with their grinder just cutting off camera after camera. We lost 2 cameras this past week in northern AZ. The other cameras that were there were also cut off with a grinder. If anyone has information about who I need to crack in the face please let me know. Don't give me any stories of what's left in the forest is not your property anymore, we've all heard that story before and we all know it's wrong to steal things that aren't yours. I do know that forest "service" folks have been in the area because we have them on close by cameras. I really hope it wasn't them doing that. Thanks.

    More trail camera thief's...

    Not really looking for another camera ethics debate and debacle.... Mostly looking for info. Cameras were northern side of 7w I know there were others taken, so if we can get pictures of the aholes and figure out who did it, I'd really like to talk to them.

    Archery OTC. Who's ready?

    I'm super ready, all dialed in! but only because I have an archery bull tag. Deer hunting archery is a blast, but it's only "for practice" this year ha ha.