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    2018 Hoyt Carbon Turbo RX1

    Listing for a friend. Hoyt carbon tubro rx1 in good condition. Black gold 3 pin slider w/ lens kit. Trophy taker drop away rest. Currently set 27" draw and 70lb. Asking $650. Call/text 928-241-8649
  2. azcountryboy

    2022 archery bull

    With the elk/antelope deadline upon us I figured it would be a good time to make a post about my September elk hunt. Long story short I wanted to hold out for a better bull than I killed in 2017 so I was being a little picky. After a week of passing on a few bulls and not really seeing anything I was willing to shoot I decided to try some different areas. Blake had seen a straight 6x6 he guessed to be 350+ so I went into the area to try and turn him up. He also mentioned there was a big 5x6 in the area and to be on the lookout. We were able to find the 5x6 and after a couple blown attempts he made a mistake. We slipped in behind him pushing his cows out into the burn to feed and when he doubled back to chase off a smaller bull, we happened to be in between them. It was a chip shot at 43 yards and my arrow center punched him and he took off running. We trailed him for a little over a hundred yards and when we didn't find any blood we opted to back out to return the next morning. Not how I wanted it to go but that's just how it sometimes is. By far my best bull and I'm not sure I'll ever harvest a better one, but it won't be for lack of trying...
  3. azcountryboy

    Davis Wall Tent internal frame 12x14

    I'll take it. Pm sent.
  4. azcountryboy

    Mature bull elk cape for sale

    Pm sent
  5. azcountryboy

    Mathews Vertix

  6. azcountryboy

    Single Actions and Lever Actions

    Pm sent
  7. azcountryboy

    2020 archery buck

    I recently was able to take my best archery mule deer to date and quite possibly the best buck that I'll ever take. The target buck was a 4x5 with an inline on his left main beam. My brother in law and nephew were scouting for elk when they found this deer. They placed some cameras at a nearby water source and to their surprise he showed up. Not once, not twice but three consecutive days the week of opening archery deer. He hit water in the middle of the night before opening morning and didn't show up til 3 days later on Sunday evening. I got in the blind around 4:30pm Sunday evening. It was windy and sprinkling rain and I remember thinking to myself that there wasn't a chance the deer would show up in these conditions. Around 6pm the wind died down and it got real calm. A large group of doves flew in and fed/watered at the tank. Out of the corner of my eye I caught some movement. I immediately knew they were deer and upon pulling up my binos confirmed that they were deer and that they were bucks. Then buck fever set in like I've never had it before. The lead buck was a two point followed by a decent 4x4 which I confirmed didn't have the extra on the left. Then I saw him, the very last buck in the bunch. The bucks filed in to the tank and I ranged the buck at 65 yards quartered to me as he began to drink. I drew my bow and sent one his way. The deer scattered and I quickly nocked another arrow. The buck ran to 90 and stopped. All I could see was his head. He didn't seem like he was hit, had I missed him completely? Should I send one at 90? Had I blown my chance at the buck? After what seemed like forever the bucks started back into water. I couldn't believe it but the 4x5 with them. He came back to the same spot, this time he was facing me head on. I ranged him again at 65 and when he bent down to drink I drew my bow and sent a second arrow. It hit its mark and the buck blew out and ran and I watched him crash after 80 or so yards. A special thanks to Blake, Tyler, and Matt for the chance at this deer and for letting me sit their blind. This buck belongs to us all, an experience that I won't soon forget...
  8. azcountryboy

    ISO 4x4 diesel

    https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/mesa-2017-dodge-ram-2500-cummins-4x4/7481871936.html Cwt member and a good dude. Buy with confidence.
  9. azcountryboy

    2020 archery buck

    Grossed 208" not sure on the age 🤷🏻
  10. azcountryboy

    2020 archery buck

    Came home today after a long anticipated wait and found his place on an empty space of wall.
  11. azcountryboy

    YUTRAX Folding ATV Ramp

    I’ll take it. Pm inbound.
  12. azcountryboy

    Swarovski(sold) and zeiss(sold)

    Looking to move a couple items to fund other projects. Swarovski 95mm objective with original box, paperwork, and swaro soc. Excellent condition, always kept in stay on case with protective caps, coupled with btx, when not in use. - Sold Zeiss Victory RF 10x54 comes with original box, paperwork, and outdoorsman stud. Small scratch on left objective lens, doesn’t affect the view just unsightly. Tried to show it in pic. I didn’t even realize that it was there until I looked them over to get ready to list. Always kept in a marsupial enclosed bino harness. $2,200.00 Located in Heber but make occasional trips to mesa/phoenix area. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Call/text 928-358-3258. If I don’t answer, leave a message and I will return your call. Thanks for looking.
  13. azcountryboy

    Swarovski(sold) and zeiss(sold)

    Zeiss sold
  14. azcountryboy

    Swarovski(sold) and zeiss(sold)

    Sale pending...
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    Swarovski(sold) and zeiss(sold)

  16. azcountryboy

    Swarovski(sold) and zeiss(sold)

  17. azcountryboy

    Swarovski(sold) and zeiss(sold)

    Ttt price drop
  18. azcountryboy

    Swarovski(sold) and zeiss(sold)

    turkey day bump 🦃🍗
  19. azcountryboy

    Swarovski(sold) and zeiss(sold)

    95 sold, bump for Zeiss.
  20. azcountryboy

    WTB bolt action 223

    I can imagine, they’re awesome little rifles. Ya put me down.
  21. azcountryboy

    WTB bolt action 223

    Condition? Bare rifle?
  22. azcountryboy

    Swarovski(sold) and zeiss(sold)

    95 spf
  23. azcountryboy

    Reloading components for trade or cash

    2nds on the rl17 if crazymonkey doesn't take it...
  24. azcountryboy

    Kuiu jacket

    Guide jacket in verde 2.0 size 2x, it's in great shape I just don't use it much since I have another in valo. Pet/smoke free home with no holes or tears. Asking 180 tyd.
  25. azcountryboy

    Kuiu jacket