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  1. ylclaret

    1972 12' Starcraft Aluminum boat

    Thanks man, wish it was what you needed! Since this doesn't seem to be generating a lot of interests here does anyone have any suggestions of a good place to post it where more fishermen might see it?
  2. Posting for a friend. Please contact him with any questions. Starcraft- super star 12' aluminum boat no leaks comes with 2 life vests, paddles,Minn kota trolling motor, new battery for trolling motor, includes 4HP outboard gas motor also has fish finder. $900 Call Sean for more details. (520)869-1813
  3. ylclaret

    Wtb half a beef

    Pima county fair is in April. I grew up doing 4h and spent the whole week out there for years. If you think you might be interested in a beef or a pig or whatever you should definitely sign up to be a buyer. You get in to the fair for free, they feed you brunch, and you get free (non alcoholic) drinks all day. Plus everything you pay over the floor price is tax deductible, and helps support these great programs.
  4. ylclaret

    2000 Toyota Tacoma

    A friend of mine has 97 that, last I heard about 6 months ago, had 760,000 miles on it and was still running like a champ.
  5. ylclaret

    37a help for good places to start.

    You can also try going west on Manville rd, it'll turn to dirt and if you keep working west you'll hit some pretty good hills/mountains. Not sure what mountain range it is, but there are some pigs back there.
  6. ylclaret

    30b december coues

    coues29 is the man! He didn't write up the whole story but just to show you what kind of guy he is, I'll hit the high notes. He was hunting with my dad, when he glassed this buck up, and he knew what a stud it was especially in a tough unit. They move into position, and he gives my dad his rifle and volunteers to be the spotter so my dad could be the shooter. Well the buck is looking right at them, knows they are there and is getting ready to head out, and my dad can't find him in the rifle scope! Before the buck can leave the country my dad rolls off the rifle and tells Sean to shoot him, so they trade positions and Sean gives the buck a dirt nap! The fact that he was willing to let my dad take the shot on a buck that he spotted, while knowing the buck would easily beat his personal best is just freaking awesome!
  7. ylclaret

    30b december coues

    Here are the photos!
  8. ylclaret

    I finally got a decent set of bino's

    You will see so many more deer if you just sit down and glass than you ever will busting brush. My dad and grandpa always liked to bust brush when I was younger and I would get so frustrated because we never saw any deer and when we did they were already half way to the next county! I eventually went hunting with my cousin and some of his buddies, who sat and glassed, and I could not believe how many deer we saw! I would really recommend getting yourself a tripod and trying it out. Keep an eye out on here and check out garage sales too. Even a bad tripod is better than no tripod and I've come across quite a few camera tripods at yard sales for $5-$10.
  9. ylclaret

    Another Desert Plant ID?

    Looks like peyote to me! Lophophora williamsii.
  10. ylclaret

    1999 F-250 super duty crew cab 4x4

    Bump. Price drop to $10,000.
  11. ylclaret

    1999 F-250 super duty crew cab 4x4

    Here's the run down from top too bottom. I bought the truck from TEP, it was a fleet truck, very basic, bone stock and 2 wd. My brother was driving it and got in a mild head on, crunched up the grill and and headlights and hood and I think a little bit of the fenders (it's been a few years now) but no frame damage. I only had liability insurance so my brother bought a parts truck to use that happened to be four wheel drive. So we had a shop swap out everything to make this truck four wheel drive, and put a lift kit on the front to level it out ( when they put the four wheel drive in it jacked the back end up a few inches). I bought the 2005 grill and headlight kit since I wanted to put that on anyway, and we replaced the inter cooler with a 6.0 inter cooler, my brother says its an upgrade. So that's basically the story of the trucks past. The 4 wheel drive works fine, but the passenger side locker is hard to turn by hand. I keep a cheap pair of pliers in the glove box. The paint is not perfect, it's got some Arizona pin striping and some yellow spots, the driver fender yellowed, and some clear coat peeling. The passenger fender was a victim of a blow out, which you can see in the photos on craigslist. The title is clean and open and ready to go!
  12. ylclaret

    1999 F-250 super duty crew cab 4x4

    I've got it on craigslist and Facebook too. Had some nibbles and some decent bites but haven't been able to set the hook yet. So it's still available!
  13. ylclaret

    1999 F-250 super duty crew cab 4x4

    Thanks for the advice guys. I'm open to offers.