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  1. Cleancut27

    NM draw

    Good afternoon all, I was fortunate enough to be drawn for a NM unit 6A bull muzzleloader tag. The hunt is from October 8-12. I've never hunted elk with a muzzleloader and I've never hunted in NM but I'm extremely excited about the hunt. Anyone ever hunted in NM unit 6A or have knowledge about the unit? Any advice on hunting elk with a muzzleloader? I am hoping they will still be bugling at that time. Any help is greatly appreciated! Take care!
  2. Cleancut27

    good lion pic

    Cool picture!
  3. Cleancut27

    15 minutes from my house.

    Cool pictures sir! What do you use to call btw?
  4. Cleancut27

    New Jaguar Pics

    Awesome pics sir!
  5. Cleancut27

    6'8" Boar DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahh that's amazing! Huge congrats sir! That boar's head is huge! Looks delicious!
  6. Cleancut27

    First Lion! Same one that was on the camera?!

    Thank you all! @Clfores haha yeah she was as excited about it as I was, hopefully she will like lion burgers as much as she liked the bear burgers! Kidso, I used an electronic call, I've been trying with a hand call but I don't think I've got the craft down just yet to be honest. Yeah the .300 win mag did a great job, she was down after about 175/200 yards.. that exit wound was gigantic.
  7. Cleancut27

    First trail camera, first pic, first lion!

    Check it out! Story is posted under Lion Hunting section, about 100 yards from where trail camera pic was taken!
  8. I can't tell if it is the same one that was on the camera last month but I'm just stoked I killed my first lion! Unit 34A called her in, 90 yards with a .300 win mag! Was an amazing/tiresome hunt, got off work at midnight, left at 1 AM, flat tire from 4x4ing at 4 AM, and called her in at 2 pm yesterday luckily despite the windy day. Took her to Jerry's Taxidermy in Tucson. Extremely stoked and thankful I have wanted to achieve this goal for a while now and I have learned a lot from posts on this site! Hard work pays!
  9. Cleancut27

    Gold Canyon Lion-Pics Added

    Wow! Big tom! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Cleancut27

    Lion Kill Photos

    Kudos on that box sir! I need to build myself a few.
  11. Cleancut27


    Wow. Sweet website! Amazing picture of that jaguar!
  12. Cleancut27

    First lion picture ! 20 minutes after setup!

    Thanks fellas, I had been using a cottentail hand call about 45 mins before setting that up last last month... thought I was doing something wrong because nothing came in but maybe I was wrong! Thank you for the welcome, sweet website with lots of good advice and tips!
  13. Cleancut27

    First trail camera, first pic, first lion!

    Thanks all! Yeah it was pretty exciting to see all the pictures, too bad most of them were of the wind(500). I need to clear some of the shrubs next time I guess. I have never been turkey hunting but this spot seems pretty promising, saw lots of tracks in the surrounding area as well.
  14. Hey fellas, Cool upclose picture! I tried calling for him/her a few hours at this location last Sunday, but no luck.
  15. Hello all, This was our first camera that we setup! Checkout the time from the setup and the cat! It's a pretty close pic so it is hard to tell but he looks sorta young to me but I saw that Lance has some cameras setup in the area that has a decent sized lion on it ( I'm new to this though). I included some other game pictures. I am definitely going to start setting up more trail cams. I've used this site as a reference many times in the past so I figured it was time to start sharing some stuff, amazing website!