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    Whitetail, Mule, Elk, Predator Hunting, Rifle Shooting
  1. thewhitetailchaser

    36A Late November

    MRL 1984, Thanks for the advice. Will keep it in mind for the future. We usually only hunt 33 and are trying to find some new units to hunt around Tucson, so thought we'd give it a shot.
  2. thewhitetailchaser

    Good Areas South of Tucson

    Thank you all for the input, very helpful
  3. thewhitetailchaser

    36A Late November

    My brother and I didn't get drawn and have chosen to pick up some left over tags. We don't know for sure which hunt we will get (if any), but will most likely get the late November 36A hunt. I would like to start scouting soon, since we've never hunted the area. I would like to get in by the foothills of the mountains out there. I would really appreciate some general areas to start. I'm looking for a place that's accessible by road. Don't mind hiking a few miles off road, just need to get to a general area to start. Can anybody please PM me some general areas that they've had some success with? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, WTChaser
  4. thewhitetailchaser

    "Big game draw approaching"

    Thanks for the reminder. Can't wait!
  5. thewhitetailchaser

    Good Areas South of Tucson

    Hello all, I've never posted on this site, but have heard great things. I have been coyote hunting a few times, but only up by the Biosphere. I now live in Central Tucson and would like a spot that's closer. Are there any good spots just South of Tucson or West? Just anyplace closer to Central than the Biosphere. Just a general area will do, I can go scout out some spots. Your help is greatly appreciated, WTChaser