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  1. wannahunt

    Why do we hunt Coues?

    I grew up in Northern Nevada and always only hunted mule deer. I moved to Arizona and found that these dang coues deer are hard to hunt. Shot my first, in 2013 during a December rifle hunt (also my first tag), which was a 107" deer. Why I hunt coues... Well they are harder for me to find, which means I can spend much more time in the field and my wife is (somewhat) understanding of it. I use it to my full advantage. Hahaha. No seriously though, they are such a challenge to hunt. I hike long and far, and am passionate about it. I seem to learn something new every time I go out.
  2. wannahunt

    Leftovers....Bad news

    I put in for leftover tags too and didnt have any luck. I even tried for the muzzleloader. I just want to hunt, I guess I could try out Turkey hunting. Maybe next year I will get another late December tag.
  3. wannahunt

    Gun Trust

    azgunlaw.com is where we did ours. Fast and easy. There was a discrepancy on ours but we emailed the guy and he fixed it on a football sunday and resent. That alone says something about the customer service that you will receive from him. We are actually impatiently awaiting ATF approval on 6 silencers as of now. We should be receiving approval on three of them within the next month or so.
  4. wannahunt

    2014 Coues Deer Kill Distances Poll

    I personally enjoy the ole spot and stalk method. Its a challenge (sometimes rewarding) to see how close you can get to one. Shoot it long or far, you still have to hike in there to get it.
  5. wannahunt

    30-06 for coues

    I only use 150 grain bullets with my .30-06. I shot a cow elk with the same 150 grain bullets last year too, one shot drop. Good round, but I am switching up to a 6.5 Creedmoor now.
  6. wannahunt

    Dark Gray Ram at Starbucks

    Hahaha. You've spotted my wife!! She frequents that place.
  7. This year was a special hunting season for me... My wife decided to tackle the infamous "Grey Ghost" with me this year. She was a trooper, waking up in the morning to hike in while it was still dark. Then as beginners luck would have it, 45 minutes into opening day she would knock down this unique coues deer. Im proud of her, and we had a blast together, as I tagged my deer too. These deer were just the icing on the cake, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors and it was an honor to do so with my wife. The success was already there, filling the tags were just a bonus. Below are all the pictures: Scouting The Day Before Opening Day: Early Morning Success: My Coues Deer:
  8. wannahunt

    Coues deer, unit 27.

    I scouted the hot air canyon, pretty good place up in there.
  9. wannahunt

    Early November 2014 36B Coues Tag

    Good Deal, maybe we will see ya up there. Im gonna be going scouting when I return back to the state. Probably sometime during the last week of August.
  10. wannahunt

    Early November 2014 36B Coues Tag

    What dates is your wife's hunt?
  11. wannahunt

    couple big coues from last year

    Oh my!! Those are some very nice deer. I love that second one. Great looking work as well.
  12. wannahunt

    Field Care/Caping seminar

    I wish I could make it there, however I am out of town on business.
  13. wannahunt

    Early November 2014 36B Coues Tag

    Yeah from all the reading that I have done, it seems like there are a lot more does than bucks. With GFD handing out some 800 tags for this hunt alone, I figured that this unit becomes quite congested. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with this unit. Either way I am more than happy to be able to go on yet another Coues hunt. I have done some work near Patagonia so I know that the presence is surely there. I would also assume that they try to steer clear of people. My wife is a bit more concerned with the situation than I am, I believe that if you leave them alone they will most likely leave you alone. Thanks for the tip of leaving food and water out, that is a great idea. Gonna be fun, I'm going to be spending a lot of time scouting between now and the hunt.
  14. wannahunt

    Early November 2014 36B Coues Tag

    Thank you for the advice sir.
  15. Hey everyone, my wife and I drew tags for the 11/7-11/13 Coues hunt in 36B. I just want to get the wife out there and hopefully see some nice deer. This will be her first hunt ever and my second Coues hunt since living in AZ. This is my first time ever hunting the southern units. First let me begin by saying that I am planning scouting trips and this is not a thread in which I am asking for "honey holes" etc etc. I am just requesting a little information regarding the unit. I hear all sorts of "horror" stories of hunting the AZ/Mexico Border units, obviously safety of the bride and myself are number one. With that being said I have a few questions which I will post below. Feel free to give me any experience that you may have down there (good or bad). We will be taking a travel trailer down for a little added security while camping. I am planning on taking a few people that could watch the camp for us too while we are out chasing the deer. 1) Are there any areas that I should avoid? 2) What are some pointers for security in the area (precautionary measures)? I have a few in mind but im just trying to cover all my bases. That really should cover most of my questions right now, like I said Im just trying to obtain a little more information regarding this unit and others experiences so that I can be better prepared for anything. Any input is welcome and I will thank you now for any that you give.