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  1. AKretschmer

    Spark Plug Remover

    The method I have found to work best is blow out the plug well with compressed air, back each plug out about 1/4 turn, soak them with a carb cleaner, carb cleaner works well because it helps loosen the carbon. let the carb cleaner work for an hour or so, longer is better. Then back them off 1/4 turn and turn them in 1/4 turn like you are tapping threads, do this until the plug is out, this allows the carbon to break loose and fall into the cylinder rather than jam the plug.blow out the cylinder with air and move on to the next one. This takes some time but it is still less time than if you break one. Good idea to have the tool though, wish I had one to let you borrow. good luck!
  2. P and L upholstery is the only shop I go to in Tucson, they have been in business for years and do great work.
  3. AKretschmer

    Nikon warranty work

    I sent mine in earlier this year for a broken eye cup, I had them back at my house within 2 weeks.
  4. AKretschmer


    Ruger M77 Mark II Ultralight .308
  5. AKretschmer

    3A-3C velvet deer for the week.

    Awesome, I will be up in 3C next weekend scouting for my elk hunt, hoping to see some nice bucks like that while I am up there.
  6. Glass the shade and be out glassing mid day. You will see a lot of deer up and moving mid day when the sun shifts and they move for shade. Typically they will feed for a few minutes before laying down again.
  7. AKretschmer

    Question on Expensive Camo Pants

    I use both the 5.11 and Kuiu. I like the Kuiu for archery, they are extremely quiet and comfortable. For the money I like the 5.11's. They are very comfortable and also really quiet.
  8. They are going fast, only 83 for the coolers and only 14 left for the optics.
  9. AKretschmer

    AES Canyon Cooler Raffle 10 winners

    Very cool, I'm in!
  10. AKretschmer

    Results are Up!!!

    Awesome! I will be in 3c a lot scouting for my elk hunt, I am excited to see what the unit holds for deer, I saw a ton of deer when I went up early June.
  11. AKretschmer

    Results are Up!!!

    Tag #1 for my second choice, I must of just barely missed getting the late tag!
  12. AKretschmer

    Results are Up!!!

    Yep! got mine. still says for elk and antelope only but shows deer results.
  13. AKretschmer

    record bighorn

    Very nice, love that he did it with his bow!
  14. AKretschmer

    Pop up camper canvas repair?

    If you are in Tucson stop by P and L upholstery, they have done a lot of work for me over the years and it is always top notch. The only thing I have had them do on my pop up was replace a window zipper but I'm sure they could repair canvas.