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  1. Or if you find it online let me know, thank you!
  2. Looking to see if any Cwt members have any ammo for an upcoming hunt they won’t be needing this year or that could be spared. Please pm me price, location and a phone number I can reach you at if you have some available, thank you CWT community.
  3. 060785

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    It’s going pretty decent. Had a couple decent bulls lock up pretty hard and ended fairly quickly. Tension is definitely heating up in there. The last couple days its noticeably cooler and by next week forecast shows even cooler. It should make for an awesome time in the elk woods!
  4. 060785

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    My old man put his tag on his first archery bull this morning in unit 8. The bulls have been talking really good all night and until about 7:30-8 in the morning, and yesterday evening they started back up again about 5pm. Good luck to you others in 8, getting up at 330 every morning has definitely helped us get ahead of the elk, and the crowds.
  5. 060785

    4A Early archery

    No tag here, was just playing with cams. I was up there this past week and they were bugling all night til 730ish.
  6. 060785

    4A Early archery

    Would only take a hike down & back up and then they would be
  7. 060785

    4A Early archery

    Here’s some 4a bulls to get you tag holders pumped up for next weekend
  8. 060785


    I’ll take it assuming it’s in good condition
  9. Glws, just sold mine a few weeks ago about the same mileage off my 20 bighorn. Got more interest from OfferUp
  10. 060785

    FS Howa 7mm-08 Muddy Girl Camo ***Price Drop***

    Youth hunts are right around the corner. bump!
  11. I work at I17& northern if that helps