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  1. latigo11

    Goofy Desert Muledeer Down

    Thanks everyone,
  2. latigo11

    RUT REPORT 2016

    Seen 20+ bucks in 31 on December and every one of them were pushing does. Watched a buck last weekend breed a doe twice before I killed him. Best rut action I've seen in years.
  3. I took this buck after watching him for 2 hours waiting for him to get in the right position for a stock. Every time we had him where we wanted him, something would happen. His doe would get up and move so he would, other deer would come out of the draw and he would get up to check them out, and even a heard of pigs ran right by him. It seamed as though I was never going to get my chance at this buck. Then he beaded and I said what the heck, it's now or never. After a 45min stalk, closing the distance from 300 yards to 60 I arrowed him. He was quartering to me and I tucked the arrow on the inside of his shoulder and the broad head lodged in the opposite shoulder. We gave him about 30min and then headed over to find my arrow. All but 8 inches of my arrow was on the ground covered in blood and the rest was still in the buck. We found good blood right away and as we topped over the ridge I spotted him walking up the other side. Well... he was more dragging himself up the other side. He would go about 20 yards and fall over. Then he would get back up and do it all over again. After watching him do this 5 or 6 times I decided to just get up there and put another one in him. After putting another arrow in him he got up and ran 20 yards and piled up. Best part about this trip is, on the way back to town we spotted another buck on the side of the road and my buddy got out and made a beautiful 63 yard shot and let the air out of him. He went 30 yards and was done. What a great day. We had seeing 15 bucks, 50+ does and filled 2 tags. It's a day I will remember forever.
  4. latigo11

    The Buck I Never Dreamed Of

    That is a buck of a lifetime. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  5. latigo11

    Kyle's first buck!

    Congrats Kyle. Tom, i's sure its a proud moment for you and Dawn.
  6. latigo11

    Wolves video

    What an GREAT video. This one needs to go viral !!!!
  7. latigo11

    Big Boy Down!!!!

    "I dont care who you are, thats funny right there"
  8. latigo11

    Trying to avoid the crowds in 31

    Thanks for all the info guys. I had a feeling this was a hard unit to escape the crowds in. I prefer to hike and get away from the roads anyways.
  9. So, I got drawn for a unit 31 late Nov coues hunt. I have lives in the safford area for 3 years now and this is my first coues tag. I have TONS ot time under my belet scouting and have my spots picked out but was looking for a little help. to anybody that has hunted this unit, where are the crowds going to be in this unit? I do plan on hiking away from the roads to avoid the "road hunters" but are there any other areas in this unit that gets alot of preasure?
  10. latigo11


    Most everyone I have heard from, looking for help in units, are either new to coues hunting or new to the area. I am a hunting freak and I was blessed to learned the how to hunt the areas I hunt from my Dad and Uncles. The way I see it, some people my not have had the same luck to have a mentor to teach them how or where to hunt. I keep that in the back of my mind when I help people, as much as I can, when they ask for help in a unit.
  11. Im kinda leaning for a rug. I think I'll save my money and full size a bigger bear!!
  12. Yes, it was a digital scale and we weighed him 3 times and got 3 different weights (I think it was possessed). I just averaged them out.
  13. I killed this bear on opening day last year in 27. At 280lb's, he's not a huge bear but the color of him caught my eye and I could pass him up. I have him in the freezer and was wandering if ya'll have any suggestions if I should do a rug, half mount, full mount, half pedistal...??
  14. latigo11

    google map/earth scouting (scary)

    not a dog, they would have eaten it over there.
  15. latigo11

    What Caliber to get??? - Need Suggestions

    I have a 25-06, i didn't have much of a budget to go off of when I purchased it so i went with the Savage Axis. I have killed everything from foxes to deer and even bear. they did the job with no problem.