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  1. elkfearme88

    Foster parent for a dog

    That's the bad part about 10 I can't scout till the antelope hunt so I gotta keep the peace until then haha
  2. elkfearme88

    Foster parent for a dog

    What's up guys and gals just want to start off by saying got a bull tag in 10 or 4a and good luck to everyone else that was lucky enough to win the lottery and draw. My wife and I just started fostering a pup cause we couldn't see him hit the pound he's a good look Shepard and bulldog mix and he is 6 months old pretty cool pup and really good with people and other animals. Just trying to find a good home for him cause we already have two dogs of our own. Thought I'd throw him up on here and see what happens. If your interested let me know and I'll send you some pics he's not very photogenic right now cause he is running like mad with my other pups. Thank you guys good luck on your hunts this year and godbless
  3. elkfearme88

    Any thoughts on glassing etiquette ?

    I was amazed last year in 36b.i got to my glassing spot before the sun came up set up and was ready to glass. 10 min after glassing light a man his wife and son came walking up the road and 10 feet away from me didn't wave didn't say anything or even act like we were there and started down the finger I was on. I know it's their right but at least say something I wouldn't of minded them doing that but tell me where you are going so I don't shoot your direction or over your head so I can keep eyes on you. I think it's teaching that little boy bad habits. Just seems like respect and teaching young hunters the right things is going out the window now. On the bright side a man and his daughter stopped and asked if they could set up 100 yards down the road from me I said yeah no problem and I got to watch his daughter take her first deer. That's a father doing it right.
  4. elkfearme88


    I run hankook dynapro atms on my truck and by far best tire I have had they are pretty aggressive but ride smooth and no road noise. I have 40k on them now and they are still more than half tread I will recommend them to anyone and I will definitely get them again
  5. elkfearme88

    Archery mule deer

    Awesome fighter right there
  6. elkfearme88

    iso a womens bow

    Hey guys I'm looking for a womens bow, preferably a hoyt, for my lovely fiancé.
  7. elkfearme88

    help this little boy!

    Thanks everyone. They will appreciate everything that you guys are doing and I made a mistake hes around a year and a half old I had 8 months stuck in my head for some reason
  8. elkfearme88

    help this little boy!

    Thank you wasnt to sure how to post it.
  9. elkfearme88

    help this little boy!

    Hey guys I have a really close friend hes a great guy and a great family man puts his kids and wife before everything else. I would like to help out and do something for him his son is very sick and the Drs are trying to fig out whats wrong with him he is only 8 months old and been in the hospital atleast 10 times that I know of for long stays at a time. He has a donation fund on the giveforward website that has been set up for him and they are accepting donations to help with the medical bills seeing as they are stacking up due to going out of state for testing and specialists. I know all of us here on cwt are a great group of individuals and care about fellow coues hunters. If you guys would be willing to help even just a dollar is better than nothing it all goes to his family for medical expenses I dont have the link but if you go to giveforward.com and type in luke wheaton on the search bar it will pop up you can read this little boys story and donate as well. Again this is much appreciated thank you guys for everything that you do. Good luck this year with the hunts and god bless you all
  10. elkfearme88

    white ford on the 60

    Saw this guy on the 60. Haha dont think I didnt see you try and be sneaky by slipping on your seat belt when you got up to the cops at the accident on signal butte. Happy hunting and god bless
  11. elkfearme88

    My daughters last day buck

    Great buck for sure congrats
  12. elkfearme88

    Wife's Dec buck

    Congrats beautiful toad god bless
  13. elkfearme88

    san tan valley chevy

    Hahaha I was more excited to take a picture and post this truck than I was opening my presents. My fiance thought I was nuts.
  14. elkfearme88

    little cousin

    Little cousin smoked a good stud today on the rifle hunt. Good job to him and congrats enjoy guys good luck and god bless
  15. elkfearme88

    san tan valley chevy

    Saw this guy at qt on gary and hunt highway. Merry christmas and god bless