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    Results up!

    My portal account is telling me my email address is not valid. It's the same email address I have used with the portal account for the past 2 years. Anybody have any ideas what the deal is?
  2. Notime2hunt

    Regs are out

    Can i get odds for: 23S early archery 11 points 23N early archery 11 points Unit 1 Early archery 11 points Thanks for your help
  3. Notime2hunt

    The Wait Was Worth It

    Great buck! Beautiful. Congrats to you man
  4. Notime2hunt

    2016 S. Az coues

    congrats on a nice buck. Never have seen 3 full pages for a mid 80's buck! you must be popular on CW!
  5. Notime2hunt

    Unit 27 Schedule Change Outcome ?

    Becker - seems like your post contridicts itself. Obviously there are tons of hunters that are meat hunters(as you mentioned) and are not going to hold out for anything except the first elk that presents itself. SO we cant do anything at all about that, except educate hunters on age class and herd health. The part I think may slightly contradict itself is saying you dont think cameras have much impact. Most hunters that take the time to hang cameras, I assume are trophy hunters. Camera aids in finding the trophy and keeping tabs on the animal until opening day. How would that not affect the total number of quality bulls being killed? Not as many old bulls or 3-4 year solid bulls that would be monsters over the next few years. The elks odds go down. no 2 ways to look at that. So to say cameras have nothing to do with it - seems unrealistic. And seems more around a personal feeling for cameras than the facts of the topic.
  6. Notime2hunt

    Az Deer Hunt

    Sit where you want. Congrats.
  7. Notime2hunt

    Unit 27 Schedule Change Outcome ?

    My buddy is brand new to CW and relitively new to the hunting world. He has been reading on these forumns and texting me about different topics and info he reads. The funniest thing i have seen in awhile was his first text to me said these words and I quote - "Boy this trphyhunter guy with the sheep for a picture starts sh** with everybody, seem to have an answer to all questions and a solution to all problems" Trphynunter - Moche was just stating the reason why he believes the big bull numbers are down. Had nothing to do with him going to the field to show us anything. His opinion was a good one. As cool guys like you say - "CHILL BRUH"
  8. Notime2hunt

    Unit 23 Jr. Elk

    We will be in 23 as well. Our YOUNGster was lucky enough to draw jr. cow elk tag and an any antlered jr. Deer Tag. This will be the first time we have ever hunted Elk and Deer at the same time. Its kinda exciting. We to will be trying to juggle homecoming and football games but still get to hunt. We'll be hunting west of young if we can find enough time. May be forced to miss work/school on Monday to extend the weekend if we have to
  9. Notime2hunt

    Unit 27

    I was in 27 for opening weekend of Archery(last weekend) friend of mine has the tag. We too encountered tons of hunters. Only way to enjoy that hunt is to be in great shape and be able to hike deep into the country or have horses. I believe its very difficult to drive roads and blow a location bugle in unit 27. all areas that allow you to do this are over ran with ppl. The mindset of - I need to hear them before I go walking into the forest needs to be thrown out. Get into the deepest areas you physically can and stay all day. We had bulls bugeling at us but they were not coming to the call. So we just kept them talking enough to slip into their bedroom. Most bugles we encountered were just light rut action. They were calling from their bed but not fired up enough to come join the party. we kept them talking enough to slip into bow range on a solid bull. just not quite what you are looking for on opening weekend. Persistence is the biggest thing. I think everyone(my self included) thinks that these archery rut hunts are a guarantee because of how hard they are to draw and because the "RUT" is going on. When in reality it can be a very difficult hunt. Especially if you are a trophy hunter
  10. Notime2hunt

    Bull of a lifetime UPDATED with story

    Awesome bull. Lucky guy to draw the early rifle considering he was just drawn in 2008. Good for you guys. But if I read your article correctly; it states his "right side was broken" Where is he broken? I can not seem to find it
  11. Notime2hunt

    12b west muzzle loader

    Wondering if anybody has info on this hunt? Since 12b west is a migration unit - I am wondering how this hunt is?? Looks like muzzle loader falls right in between the early and late hunt. I have heard the early hunt isn't near what the late hunt is because of the rut but also because the deer usually havent migrated down that early. The information I hear may be false as well. So any words would be appreciated
  12. Notime2hunt

    23 Late mule deer

    Looks as if they did away with the unit 23 December Mule Deer Hunt. Anybody have any information on this? Does it have something to do with opening 23 for archery in December? Unit 27 still has the late MD hunt. any thoughts?
  13. Notime2hunt

    23N early rifle bull!

    Thanks for clarifying that up bone collector. I love when you enlighten the hunting world with all your knowledge. Here's a hint though. Lots of sarcasm in my post. (Sorry for that. I guess) But if you read the original posters 2nd or 3rd comment he/she said " I will probably get a lot of crap for saying how many points I have" so that is what I was responding too. I wasn't saying you or anyone else was giving him crap. But please clarify this post as well. It will help tremendously. LOL WRK2hnt - good luck on your hunt. I was messing around in my post. Hope you whack a giant. And draw it again next year
  14. Notime2hunt

    23N early rifle bull!

    People have no right to give you crap. You earned that tag, you deserve it. You paid your dues just like everyone else. How foolish of anyone with double digit BP's to think they should get a tag before somebody with 0-2 BP's. Heck I know a gentlemen that drew the same tag last year with 6 BP's. And got it done!!! He put the smack down on a 190 inch rag horn!!! Man he earned that tag. Best news about that situation is that we worked so hard this year and wanted that tag so much more then anyone else that he went ahead and drew it again in 2016. So if you don't get a big bull.... Don't worry, you will draw in 2017.
  15. Notime2hunt

    OTC Archery Mule Deer in Utah

    Appears you can buy a bonus point up until 3-17 but applying for hunts is over