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    223 rem Saiga and hi-point 995

    SPF Saiga 223
  2. Freakycamo

    primer trade

    I have federal small pistol primer NO. 100 1k and federal large magnum rifle primers NO. 215 1k, trade one or the other for 1k Winchester WLRM primers, 30 mm low rings.
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  5. Freakycamo

    223 rem Saiga and hi-point 995

    Hi point - SPF
  6. Freakycamo

    357 Charter Arms revolver

  7. Freakycamo

    357 Charter Arms revolver

  8. Freakycamo

    primer trade

    that might work, i have SPP not SRP?
  9. i am in Glendale

  10. Freakycamo

    357 Charter Arms revolver

  11. Freakycamo

    WTT Winchester large magnum for CCI large magnum

    I have a box of Federal 215 for trade large rifle Magnum
  12. Freakycamo

    WTT bullets- 270 .277, 30 .308, 22 .224

    How much for the 277 stuff
  13. Freakycamo

    6mm Creedmoor

    I will tak it
  14. Freakycamo

    Sitka Gear

    i will take the long sleeve and hoody.
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    How old is the laptop and how much memory does it have
  16. Freakycamo

    WTS New Unopened 8lb US869 Pickup only!!

    Take the rl26
  17. Freakycamo

    Rifle, Ammo, bullets, brass. Lowered prices

    I'll take the 41 mag brass
  18. Freakycamo

    Free to good home

    I have a bunch of junk arrows, free and must be picked up FTF.
  19. Freakycamo

    223/5.56 mixed head stamp brass fs/ft

    Do you think it's all military brass
  20. Freakycamo

    FS - 243 & 270 WSM once fired brass

    I will take the 3 1/2 boxes new unfired for 85
  21. Freakycamo


    That's a great little gun I have one of the same. Good luck on the sale
  22. Freakycamo


    Cleaning out some of my father's reloading supplies I found a bunch of primers. I have 900 CCI 250 for $70 and I have two boxes of 1000 Winchester primers number 8 and 1/2 their large rifle primers $70 1000
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  25. Freakycamo

    New toy

    1 hour of angle. is that a lot for that gun. so you can shoot it out to 9 feet? i don't know its just a question. and i do like it. thanks for sharing.