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  1. madcad88

    But you didn't

    I am not saying that the person who put up the blind took my camera.
  2. madcad88

    But you didn't

    The folks in the pics may not have stolen the camera, But they did set up a blind right in front of it. I'm pretty sure though they did notice the camera. Lets see if anyone recoginzes the spot>
  3. madcad88

    But you didn't

    Now I have had my other camera stolen.. I bet a guide in Wilcox knows who is in the photos I have.
  4. madcad88

    But you didn't

    No, I didn't take the tree stand, I did however attach a note to the stand, I would like my camera back.
  5. madcad88

    But you didn't

    No, I don't like theives.
  6. madcad88

    But you didn't

    And if you have any doubts this is you Unit 29 and you know where.. BTW there is now a blind setup just about 200 yards away.
  7. madcad88

    But you didn't

    You found my camera, and you could have left it alone but you didn't. You could have just taken the card, but you didn't. I wish you would have turned your head a little more so I could post the photo's of you stealing my camera but you didn't. You put up your tree stand 30 feet from where the camera was and I could have left it, but . .... There is a note you should easily find, I'm hoping Karma catches up with you soon. I'll post your photo soon.
  8. madcad88

    Any 5A Bulls Down Yet?

    I saw an 8X8 taken out of the unit last weekend.
  9. madcad88

    Stolen Blacked out GMC duramax crewcab

    Sorry they found your truck. They took mine three years ago and I have not heard a thing.. I can just imagine it trashed somewhere in the desert.
  10. madcad88

    feral hog in az

    There is one near Benson.
  11. madcad88

    site question.

    Probably was driving in the grand canyon park after legal hours while texting. :0
  12. madcad88

    help this little boy!

    Donation and prayers.
  13. madcad88

    22LR 525 pcs AUCTION

    I will offer $45.00 since this is for CWT.
  14. madcad88

    Unit 29 forcast

    I will be up there in a red 4dr jeep. Good luck! I'll put my sticker on the back window tonight.
  15. madcad88

    Stolen Trail Camera

    I've got two in the forest right now and the next hunts starts friday... I hope no one takes them before wednesday.