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  1. Here a few pictures of a bear my brother took on opening day in unit 31. One shot from a 30-30 and he went 15 yards and dropped. He seems to be an old bear his canine teeth were all flattened on the ends. My brother had gone up a few weeks earlier and sat a tree stand in a canyon and had 5 different bears come in. Then he went back opening day and didn't even make it to the tree stand, he saw this one off the road down in a canyon and decided to take him instead. Just a side note, the picture of the bear eating the cattle supplement, which is molasses based, was purely incidental. The cameras were setup to get a head count on the number of cattle using the area, after I put the supplement tub there the cattle stopped coming in and the bears took over. So we went back to just plain salt block. This bear taken in the pictures was in no way hunted over bait.
  2. Shot this two point a couple of years ago in 30A, never got a chance to put a picture up. Just wondering if anyone's ever seen anything like this before. When we glassed him up his antlers looked like the horns on an antelope. My guess is he was an old deer, but I really have no idea.