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  1. Yeah, it's the thumb drive version.
  2. Hey all, I have a Hunt Data Arizona Hunting Unit Maps Big Game Digital Maps collection for sale. I didn't get drawn this year so I figured someone else could use it more than I could. It has all the digital maps for the hunt units in state of Arizona. They will work on Apple products, DROID, and Google Earth as well as Garmin products. Probably more, but that's what the package has listed. They go for 90 bucks online plus shipping. It's brand new and I'll let it go for 75. Here's a link to the website. I'm heading out of state next week so if it doesn't sell I'll take it down and relist when I get back. http://www.huntdata.com/proddetail.asp?prod=%20ArizonaDigital&cat=62
  3. My truck was broken into last night in Northern Tucson. They stole my Garmin gps unit and my hunting pack with my gear in it. The pack is a Black Creek Bone Collecter 2.5 in Realtree. The binos are Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10X42. There was a lot of camo clothing, insulated layers, and other personal gear as well as knives and other long haul gear in the pack. Keep an eye out for anyone trying to resell this stuff for me please. I'd really love to catch the jerk that did this. I had about 6 or 700 dollars worth of gear in the pack.
  4. I had an insurance and police report logged this morning first thing.
  5. Hey guys, I've got this Kelty pack frame for sale. I got it on a trade last year but it did not fit me right so I went with a different pack for elk season. It hasn't been used, but has a few small blemishes in the paint job from storage, etc that were there when I got it. There are some detail pics of them on here. First 100 dollar bill takes it!
  6. Hey guys and gals. most of y'all know I'm a blacksmith and knifemaker down in Tucson. I'm looking for sheds to use for handles on some hunting and skinning knives. For the right size and condition, I pay per antler. I can't use chalky stuff right now, but might have a need in the future. I've also done some custom work in trade for a good lot of sheds from guys in the past. Let me know what you have. PM me for cell number
  7. injunjon

    late seasson bull az

    Unit 23 Bull Hunt Looks like I'll be going it alone since my partner had to back out.
  8. injunjon


    Up to a half mile for the 200NCP's
  9. injunjon

    Late Rifle Bull Hunters...Almost Time. Check in!

    I got drawn for the General hunt in Unit 23. Been tough scouting between school and all the logging and fires they are doing in the north part right now. I don't care about horns as long as I can feed myself next year. This is turning into a survival hunt!
  10. Just wanted to let everybody know that if you're looking for a good budget glass, Bushnell has a 100 dollar rebate on new binos going on for right now. The legend ultra hd's can be found for about 220 if you look for them so you end up with some super clear glass for a little over a hundred bucks!
  11. I have a 686-1 Smith and Wesson Stainless revolver for sale or partial trade. I had this gun set up for a backup gun for my hunt this December but it is just a bit too heavy and I would like an automatic for the higher capacity. The gun has the combat trigger and it has been babied. I got it from a big game hunter friend of mine in Alabama who had it as a backup gun. It has been well taken care of. Has a Pachmayr gripper grip installed and comes with a KNJ holster. I'm looking to get about 700 obo for the gun and holster. These are hard to find and this is one sweet little gun, I just prefer an automatic for a backup weapon. Looking for a 45 1911 other heavier caliber pistol for a predator/defense backup weapon in the field. Buyer will sign a bill of sale and if traded I will do the same. 53:DSC00342.JPG]
  12. Here's another piece to add to your chuckwagon set. Dutch oven lid lifter forged from 3/8" square stock. Built long enough that you don't have to bend over to check your ovens. Hook on end for hanging and fancy double twist in the center for decoration. Painted black for weather resistance. $ 40 Sorry about the pics. I'll post better ones when I get the chance.
  13. Make me a reasonable offer. Needing money for my dog's operation. Ended up costing alot more than planned because of complications.
  14. Alright, up for sale is a hand forged campfire and chuckwagon set. Everything you need for your elk camp. 5 foot heavy duty tripod that can set up as a tripod, fire rod, or spit.Comes with two S hooks for various height adjustments. Also in the set is a 3 foot grill for setting up over or near the fire to cook off of or as a rest for pots. Finally, a true camp cook staple to call 'em to the fire, a dinner bell triangle with ringer. Tripod, hooks, and triangle set received a coat of black paint for extra weather protection. The grill is bare so meat can be cooked on it without worry. All it takes is some brushing with steel wool or a grill brush if it ever develops any oxidation. Asking 225 for the whole set for members. Separately these sell for around 300 or more depending on finish and details. Note- dutch oven not included
  15. TTT Needing to sell some things to pay for my dog's op.
  16. Alright folks, just in time for duck season I've got some custom made call lanyards. I made these myself and I can make different types with any specific colors you want. $12 for standard bottom drops and $15 with the two extras on the sides. Add a dollar if you want a whistle drop up top. You can hold up to 8 calls with these and I can make more drops to add on if you want them, so you can hold as many as you want. Side drops come off easily so you can customize how you carry any way you want.
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    12 gauge scope spotter

    What size boots you need?
  18. injunjon

    FS ruger lcp .380

    Is it the black or one of the colored ones?
  19. I'll take 175 cash for the set. Needing some money for optics and gas for scouting trips up to unit 23.
  20. I can make them. Pm me what you're looking for.