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    Results out on portal, post up your hunts

    Kaibab whoooo. 12aw late hunt
  2. AzBuckCHaser1

    Deer Leftovers

    Azgfd said monday i called to see if i was missing them
  3. AzBuckCHaser1

    Unit 27

    I appreciate all the advise me and my son have put many miles a day on our boots. Seems to be getting a little better. Having a good time never less Hope we find a decent bull
  4. AzBuckCHaser1

    Unit 27

    Been up here a few days before archery hunt haven't got into much elk feeling a little depressed hunters everywhere the further I hike in the closer I am to hunters been hitting it hard with no luck. Where do these elk go when pressured ?
  5. AzBuckCHaser1

    Unit 27

    Attitude ? No attitude at all Just enjoying the mountains
  6. AzBuckCHaser1

    Unit 27

    But I can't hunt close to the houses in alpine 403 road is the closest right?
  7. AzBuckCHaser1

    Unit 27

    We have been hunting the 403 road and the meadows of 249 people in all the hills. No bugles have been out at 10pm listening and up at 3:30 nothing.
  8. AzBuckCHaser1

    Card got hit! Unit 27 early archery bull!

    Thanks. Sounds like a plan I will be headed out in a few weeks to scout !
  9. I may be a solo hunter if anyone else from Tucson draws the same tag and wanna scout together and hunt let me know
  10. AzBuckCHaser1

    Auto paint??

    I'm on Eastside of Tucson been painting and body work for 15yrs Work as a painter at local dealership use only DuPont paint ,no cheep stuff
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    2014 Coues Deer Kill Distances Poll

    60yrds with bow ,515 with my 300 mag and 500with my 300mag. W
  12. AzBuckCHaser1

    33 coues

    My buddy's son had a late 33 last year ,we glassed up several nice bucks not far off the road , you don't always have to hike miles to see deer especially that unit just have a capable off-road vehicle some of this unit is rough and that's where I always find deer
  13. AzBuckCHaser1

    2014 Mathews creed xs 29'draw

    This bow is like brand new have 50 arrows though it has best of everything Mathews quick release quiver,black gold 9 pin sight Scott mongoose xt release and 9 gold tip arrows with 3 rage broad heads ,hate to get rid of this bow but just had surgery and need the money for bills have over 2k in this bow looking to get 1500.00 Obo text me 520-405-7508
  14. AzBuckCHaser1

    Taxidermy inTucson

    I use a friend of mine his name is Danny crane you can search him he does awesome work though it's not six month turn around his work in my opinion is supirior. seen wellers and Doyle on coues deer and still like his work better and I have a few mounts if you wanna stop by and look at them. Even a few elk he has done at my buddy's house
  15. AzBuckCHaser1

    Unit 33 Scouting Done

    The bucks are there on the junior hunt two weeks ago I glasses up 6 bucks no doe in two mornings before 715 am They are there ! Good luck
  16. AzBuckCHaser1

    daughters opening morning buck

    Congrats can't wait till my daughters are old enough to hunt ! Good job dad and daughter that's awesome
  17. AzBuckCHaser1

    Jake's 2nd Coues, streak continues at age 11

    Way to get it done ! Congrats
  18. I have shot these rounds out of my ruger 300wsm. First experience was my 112 inch buck at 515 yards shoulder hit buck never took a step just hit the ground ,second was my son 409 yards hit 3x3 shoulder hit, never took another step. 3rd my deer last year 505 yards down no tracking. An last my buddy Luke 100 inch buck 687 yards dropped in his tracks. so I'm sold on these rounds they shoot very well out if my gun and deer don't Stand a chance.
  19. AzBuckCHaser1

    wall tent

    anyone have a tent they want to get rid of thanks
  20. AzBuckCHaser1

    taxidermist for birds

    danny crain wildlife designs does awsome birds 885-7900
  21. AzBuckCHaser1

    KAIBAB Bucks and "HD" 200+" 7x7

    congrats !awsome bucks
  22. AzBuckCHaser1

    Big buck down

    Well this quest for a monster coues deer began about 9 years ago, ive always hunted muleys and finally decieded i wanted a trophy coues deer.A couple buddys of mine have always been hard core coues hunters and got me addicted, many years went by without filling my tag it was very hard to not shot a smaller bucks but always knew if i shot a little guy i would never get a chance at a monster ,some people just thought i was a lousy hunter but without giving up i pushed myself to not give up year after year . This hunt was in the same unit as the other years ive hunted, so i was pretty confident one year i would get a chance at a big coues. The first morning glassing turned up a really nice 3x4 that i would happily put my tag on, we took a little to long on the stock and they went over the top of a very rugged mountain so instead of pushing them we decided to back out and hopefully get another chance at them later. The rest of the day didnt turn up much . The second morning same exact sanario, i decided to take another ridge and try and pick them up ,this time i sit down to glass i see a really good buck also a 3x4 he is pretty far out so we move in closer for a shot we top a little ridge i range the buck at 516 yrds which i am very comfertable shooting due to lots and lots of practice. So i set my 300 short mag up on the claw and try and steady for the shot which then buck fever as they call it set in, boom i shoot clean mis over his back reload two more clean misses at this point i was very dissapointed, range time meant nothing when you have a trophy of a life time in the scope, so i took a deep breath and relaxed put the crosshairs in the honey hole and boom ,my buddy said you got him he is down i couldnt be happier the wait was over as i approched the down deer i could not believe how big he was i stood in ahhh for ten minutes knowing i finally got my trophy coues deer it was not easy but worth every minute. thanks out to my buddy lucas for helping me. my friend rough scored him at 114 1/4
  23. AzBuckCHaser1

    2010 October Coues 130" and 98"

    Congratulations !! Awesome deer to both you guys
  24. AzBuckCHaser1

    Big buck down

  25. AzBuckCHaser1

    Big buck down

    Well I had him officaily scored. 112 4/8 I'm very happy with that proble biggist coues I will ever shoot