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  1. Some stuff from my grandfather's estate - free to good home. I can meet at the Dunkin Donuts on University and Priest in Tempe. Kollmorgen Optics "Bear Cub" 6x rifle scope (26mm tube, I think) - spoken for by 40-year Maynard P Buehler 1 piece base - Savage 99 spoken for by PRDATR Maynard P Buehler 1 piece base - Springfield Short or Reg - spoken for by 40-year Maynard P Buehler 26mm high split rings
  2. A couple of things for sale. I'm in Tempe and can meet at the Dunkin Donuts on University and Priest: Bitzenburger Dial-o-Fletch with a right helical attachment and some BPS Duravanes - $30 - SPF to bigmuleyfan Full adjust archery products aluminum arrow straightener - $10 1095 Steel - 1.5 x 5/32 x 80in - $15 - SPF to Edge
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    Closet clean out - arrow straightener

    Yeah, just moving it along. A great shooting bow, could use a new string.
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    Closet clean out - arrow straightener

    Yeah that works. Don't worry about the check. Sorry, a pm beat you by about a minute.
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    Free to good home - rings and base

    Sorry, a pm hit for local pickup.
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    PM sent
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    Please delete!!

    These swaros seem priced a bit off... not sure if they're your buddy's but... what. https://offerup.com/item/detail/395348753
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    Game bags

    Yeah I can do that. PM me your info and I'll figure out the shipping.
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    Game bags

    Alaska Game Bags (4 pack; unused) elk size. $10
  10. delwain

    WTB Pentax 16x60 WP

    Hi, all, Looking for a set of Pentax 16x60 WP porro binos. Anybody have a set lying around collecting dust? Thanks!
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    Leupold Spotter

    I'll take it if siwash hasn't already.
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    Beretta Whitewing - Sold

  13. delwain

    Beretta Whitewing - Sold

    TTT w/ price drop
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    Beretta Whitewing - Sold

  15. delwain

    Beretta Whitewing - Sold

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    Another vote for the samick sage
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    New Hunting Pack

    It's a trade-off really. For pure load hauling an external is tough to beat, especially when you can get one for $50 on Craigslist, but an external won't collapse down like a lot of internal frame packs can with compression straps. An external frame is usually bulkier than an internal and will get hung up in brush. This means that an internal will usually make a for a better day pack. Even a large internal can usually be compressed down to day pack size and then expand when hauling. Which is better is a difficult question. Externals and internals each have their place. Barney's chalet in Alaska still make a popular external geared for the hunter, and there are a lot of the hybrids, like kifaru. But those are alpha packs and are expensive. I usually run a 50 liter day pack that's compressed down unless it's cold and I've got a lot of layers in there. I keep an external frame in the truck for hauling. If I'm not carrying a tag I'll carry my external to help haul should an animal go down.
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    New Hunting Pack

    You can find used external frames on Craigslist for about $50, like Kelty or Jansport. Most of them will carry more gear and weight than you want to, but you will find it difficult to sneak through the brush with one on your back because of the large frame. You could lash camp to an external frame and drop it as a spike camp then hunt with the bag you have, and use the frame to haul meat. But then you're packing in an extra pack... There are options that don't break the bank, and an external frame is a cheap way to carry a lot of weight should you tag out.
  19. I have the cable you can borrow. Do you ever venture into the Tempe area, or anywhere nearby?
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    cleaning optics

    I use a soft brush to get rid of any loose debris, then a q tip dipped in water for anything stubborn like fingerprints that the brush can't handle. Finish it off with the softest lens cloth I can find. Definitely have to remove the loose stuff before using the cloth to avoid scratching the lens.
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    Which Spotter???

    I've been using an older Leopold fixed power 20x50 for the last two seasons. I think they stopped producing them the mid 90's but it's decent glass, though a bit dim by today's standards. It weighs 20oz and is a lil longer than a 20oz bottle of coke. It does a good job of telling me if I'm looking at a rock or a javie and whether a deer has horns. In low light it's not as good as the modern stuff but it's small and light enough that it's always in the pack. I've never had great luck with 50mm spotting scopes over about 25x. If it's not mirage then it's too dim. There's a 25x version of the Leopold for sale on the bay right now but he's asking $350. I got mine for about $200 locally. If you were closer I'd let you borrow mine to see if it fits your needs. Just something to consider.