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  1. brooketrout26

    GSP - Free

    She's been re-homed.
  2. brooketrout26

    GSP - Free

    No, I've shot doves around her and it doesn't seem to bother her at all. She's always got her noes to the ground, points birds all the time, I just have never tried/trained her to hunt. She might pick it up w/ some rigorous training.
  3. brooketrout26

    GSP - Free

    She is also snake trained, house broken, and is current on all her shots.
  4. I have an SA-08 in a 12 gauge. I like it but would part ways for a reasonable price. Bought it new 3 years ago, about 4 boxes through it total.
  5. I had posted this previous in the classifieds, but this forum might be more appropriate. 5.5 year old female gsp free to a good home. Name is Scout. We've owned her for 4 years. Good health, all shots, doesn't hunt, good companion. Loves to run, affectionate, good guard dog. Not great with other dogs unless she's in open space. She snapped at our 7 month old boy and so this is why we need to re-home her. I love this dog and want her to go to a place where she will be happier than she is now. Running at the ranch or in the hills is when she's happiest. I can bring her to you. Let me know, Mike.
  6. brooketrout26

    GSP free to a good home

    I appreciate it. She's a great dog for the right person.
  7. brooketrout26

    GSP free to a good home

    We have a female German Shorthair Pointer I need to place. Her name is Scout. Owned for 4 years, she's 5.5 years old. All shots current, heart worm prevention, spayed, etc. Not chipped. Small for her breed. Doesn't hunt. Exercised everyday. I have to disclose, she's not good in close quarters with other dogs. She also snapped at our 7 month old baby, hence my posting this ad. She is a great watch dog, very affectionate, good energy, very pretty. She needs a wide open space to run everyday, that's when she's happiest. I want her to go to a person or family who knows this breed type and appreciates how great they are. I love this dog.