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    Az GMU in .kmz or .gpx format

    Okay folks, I can now send you a link to download the custom GPS map of your choice. Draw results are out, time to start scouting. Send an email to: hollywoodhopkins@live.com to request your unit overlay today! Thank You in advance! -Jeff
  2. J.Hopkins

    Az GMU in .kmz or .gpx format

    Well, Here is the screen shots from the Garmin GPSMAPS 60csx. I have successfully figured out how to get the overlay loaded as a transparent map instead of tracks.(this allows the whole state and does not take up precious track log space) Now I just have to figure out a way that I can send out the files to you all. Turning out to be a little more difficult than expected. I have finished the Google maps files and they are now ready for send out. Just send an email and I will reply with the complete state GMU file. Will notify when the Garmin map is complete. You can see in the screen shots the unit names are listed as way point's for easy viewing of GMU's on handheld units. Also you can put the cursor on any boundary line and a box will appear with the two units the line is dividing. PRETTY SPIFFY . Stay tuned for more!
  3. J.Hopkins

    Az GMU in .kmz or .gpx format

    Sent a few emails already, Finishing up the rest of the UNIT's This week for AZ. I also noticed the file I have for the whole state needs a little better packaging for ease of use.(Google Earth) Should have that ready to go by the end of the week as well. To those that received maps today feel free to post what you think about them and how they could be improved. This is a major project and I want it to be the best for all of us!
  4. J.Hopkins

    Az GMU in .kmz or .gpx format

    Yeah that's exactly what I use these for, on top of that I fly around the unit and flag interesting points I want to hike to and then set them as way points on the garmin as a guide to get there.. Really comes in handy. Shoot me an email and I'll send them over to ya. -Jeff
  5. J.Hopkins

    Az GMU in .kmz or .gpx format

    Here is a couple of screen shots from google earth on my iPhone 4. I will post a few from my garmin 60csx this evening when I get home. Any feedback or thoughts to make this better is much appreciated!
  6. Taking a pulse check to see if there is any interest for .kmz files for google earth or .gpx files that you can load directly to your garmin hand held device. I almost have AZ done and plan to do other states as well. If it is something you would like to have send me an email of the unit you would like and I will send you both the .kmz and the .gpx. The .gpx files work great in garmin a "base camp" and on the device itself. These files are converted from the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC GMU 2008 maps. I have screenshots from google earth, just not sure how to post them as of yet.. Send email to : hollywoodhopkins@live.com Donations for time spent: PayPal hollywoodhopkins11@hotmail.com Thanks guys, and these are completely free, donations are just to help my hunting sickness. Not required at all..