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    WTB Lone Peak Action

    Good luck....those are virtually impossible to get a hold of right now and it's not going to get any better. Checkout out the new Mesa Precision Arms titanium actions on red Hawk Rifles website. they are available and of the same quality as the Lone Peak (minus the integral lug)
  2. Can somebody PM me the original list as well. Thanks
  3. JJ_Gibbs

    G7 BR2 Ballistic Range Finder

    To the top....all reasonable offers considered
  4. First edition G7 BR2 ballistic calculating range finder. Works great just doesnt calculate in MRAD like the newer units. $900 OBO free shipping in the lower 48. Text message or call is the easiest way to get in touch with me quickly. JJ 9284867063
  5. JJ_Gibbs

    Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip and panner

    Would you be interested in a trade for an outdoorsman pan head by chance?
  6. I believe the 4runner is a 6 lug.....these are 5 lug for the 2nd gen Sequoia/tundra
  7. I bought these a couple months ago for this upcoming season but I'm in a bind trying to finish a backyard pool project and need to sell them. They are brand new in the box unregistered. The only time the case has even been opened is for pictures. $2000 (free shipping) OBO JJ (928)486-7063
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    NIB 15x56 Swarovski HD SLC $2000 OBO

    Replied to all the messages
  9. JJ_Gibbs

    Kuiu guide dcs

    PM Sent
  10. JJ_Gibbs

    ISO Swarovski 15x56 non-hd

    Sending you a PM
  11. JJ_Gibbs

    Finished beef steer going to butcher now

    Dang!! That was a great deal for somebody
  12. 1991 Jayco 1006 I bought it 3 years ago and have spent countless warm and COLD nights in it. When I got it I lifted it and put new tires/wheels/5 lug hubs on. The heater works great and the AC blows ice cold. It has NO leaks in the canvas and the only issue is the vinyl windows have some cracks which have been patched with clear vinyl patches. It has a 3-way refrigerator that works on all settings. The previous owner did remove some of the storage inside it to provide more floor space. Overall for the price of the trailer it's a great trailer to keep you warm, dry, and cool on early bull hunts. $2750 OBO JJ 928-486-7063
  13. 2 tires are 90% date code 2014 2 tires are 40-50% date code 2011 No plugs in any of the tires Wheels are in excellent condition....$750 OBO as a package or $450 tires/$350 wheels. I'm in Lake Havasu but willing to drive to meet somebody. JJ (928)486-7063
  14. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB 15x56 zeiss or swarovski

    PM inbound Dustin25
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    G7 Ballistic Rangefinder

  16. JJ_Gibbs

    G7 Ballistic Rangefinder

    Virtually like brand new G7 ballistic rangefinder. Selling it for a buddy that isn't going to have a schedule that allows shooting for a while. It's the newest version that allows for calculations in MRAD and MOA. $1500 shipped free. Easiest to text me for pictures. (928)486-7063
  17. JJ_Gibbs

    G7 Ballistic Rangefinder

    No reasonable offer refused he's looking to move it along
  18. JJ_Gibbs

    G7 Ballistic Rangefinder

    Back to the top
  19. Lone Peak Fuzion Titanium -Long action -mag bolt face -20 moa integral rail -integral lug Manners Carbon EH-1 (larger barrel channel) -long action r700 inlet -bdl inlet -black forest camo I'm selling the parts I was acquiring for the ultimate lightweight long range build as some priorities have changed and I am purchasing a new lathe in the next few weeks. Action was $1650 from Lone Peak and about a 2 month wait. Stock was $650 from manners. I will sell the parts as a package or individually. $2100 as a package or $600 stock and $1600 action. If somebody doesn't beat me up on the prices I will include a Wyatts box, follower, and spring to go with the action. I can text anyone that's interested some pictures. Easiest to text me at (928)486-7063......I know it's not a huge discount off retail pricing but it will most likely save somebody the wait time. Thanks, JJ
  20. JJ_Gibbs

    Lone Peak Fuzion TI and Manners Carbon EH-1

    Action is SOLD