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  1. JJ_Gibbs

    Rem 700 HS precision stock SA varmit

    Sent a message
  2. JJ_Gibbs

    ISO: Outdoorsman tripod

    I’m kinda already setup to use outdoorsman tripods as I’ve got 2 of them already. Looking to add a third
  3. JJ_Gibbs

    ISO: Outdoorsman tripod

    Seeing if anybody has a medium or tall outdoorsman tripod they’d part with before I buy a brand new one. JJ 9284867063
  4. JJ_Gibbs

    for sale

    Proceed with caution. Joined 30 minutes ago and offers a screaming deal on a set of Swarovski binos with a Gmail address
  5. He sold this one....how much do you want for the 6.5 version?
  6. JJ_Gibbs

    Vortex Razor 3moa Red Dot

    Vortex Razor Red DOT 3moa in like new condition. Came on a 10mm I purchased and I took it off before shooting. Previously had fired 40 rounds fired through the gun. Includes all original hardware and box. $275 shipped JJ (928)486-7063
  7. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB Outdoorsmans Tall Tripod

    SCAM!!!....moderator needs to remove somebody
  8. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB: 4Runner, Cherokee, or something similar

    A $2000 4runner that isn’t a huge project is going to be nearly impossible to find. You can’t beat Toyota reliability. I’ve found that the early first gen sequoias get down around the 2500-3500 range and they make great hunting rigs. I ran a Mitsubishi montero around for a year or so hunting and it was an awesome little vehicle.....bought it off CWT for $1200.
  9. JJ_Gibbs

    Delete please

    Delete please
  10. JJ_Gibbs

    Swarovski BTX, Extender, 95mm package

    JRN22 is 100% a scammer.....joined 6 hours ago and comes on here posting that with a gmail email address
  11. JJ_Gibbs

    1997 Starcraft Pop Up Tent Trailer

    Need this gone by next week. Don’t be afraid to make an offer if you need a camper for a late hunt next week.
  12. 1997 Starcraft 1224 Pop Up Tent Trailer -SUPER CLEAN INSIDE -canvas is in almost perfect condition -dinette slide out with table that makes to a bed -shower/bathroom combo -heater -refrigerator -3 burner cook top -NEW tires Trailer is ready to go and will keep you warm on that late hunt. Any questions I can be reached at (928) 486-7063 $4000 OBO. I would be interested in high quality optics as a trade or partial trade.
  13. JJ_Gibbs

    Nightforce 8-32X56 C509 for sale

    Sent you a message Friday about this
  14. JJ_Gibbs

    Toyota Tacoma - Guess who’s comin home!!!

    The Nissan Frontiers (I know it's not a Tacoma) are a nice truck and don't pull nearly the money used that the Tacomas do. Good luck in the search