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  1. Looking for some options & opinions on some local customs rifle shops & or people!! Open to all! Let me know what you got from who! thanks y’all!
  2. Kazz20

    Maven B.2 (11x45)

  3. Kazz20

    Browning X-Bolt LR 7PRC

  4. Kazz20

    Maven B.2 (11x45)

    $900 OBO Open to trades as well! I got all eye covers and original box as well! Thanks y’all!
  5. Kazz20

    Browning X-Bolt LR 7PRC

    Leupold Mark 5 Atals Bi-Pod Brown X-Bolt LR 7prc & it’s got a break on it Selling cause not in love with it! Looking to go custom, need a rifle fast and that what I put together! SHOOT ME OFFERS! Also open to trade for glass! Or 6.5 PRC! let me know what you got, let’s make a deal! paid right around $4,200 I believe, with scope rings, scope it self, rifle, timney rail, bi-pod… I know I won’t get no where near that but just for reference. Thanks y’all!
  6. Kazz20

    Browning X-Bolt 7PRC

    Browning X-Bolt 7PRC Leupold mark five Atlas Bi-Pod Not sure how many boxes I got of ELD-X’s but probably 4-5 I’ll throw in too! Open to Trades! (NL Pure’s 10x42’s or 12’s or EL’s with some cash on top on your end) $3800 obo! Make me and offer!
  7. Kazz20


    Where can I contact you at?