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    ISO 300 win mag brass

    Just an FYI, Brownell's had new Norma 300wm brass on Friday and you'll have to look around but I saw 7rum brass a couple places
  2. JJ_Gibbs

    Leveling a scope?

    I get it close on the bench by leveling the rifle out and using a level on the top turret while snugging all the bolts down. I then take it to the range and level the rifle all out on the bench and hang a plumb bob @100 yards to get it perfect and properly toque the rings down. Seems to be about the best way I have found to make it perfect
  3. Like NEW set of competition dies. Will include (2) bushing and FREE Shipping. $300 TYD JJ (928)486-7063
  4. JJ_Gibbs


    Sent you a message about the h1000
  5. JJ_Gibbs

    Unicorn Tears and Unobtainium

    I will take the 8lbs of h1000 for $150 shoottoshoot
  6. JJ_Gibbs

    ISO night force scope

    Call sportoptics they have the best price on new NF anywhere around. May even be able to get one for less than I have seen some used ones advertised I did last winter.
  7. JJ_Gibbs


    So is it still available?
  8. JJ_Gibbs


    Put me in line if it falls through
  9. JJ_Gibbs


    If something falls through I will take an 8lb keg or both of them
  10. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB or trade for Yeti type cooler

    What do you have to trade?
  11. JJ_Gibbs

    ISO: Used 15x56 Swaros

    I know it's not the ideal time to be looking for a set but I have a buddy that needs a pair and doesn't really want to spend $2200 on new ones. If somebody has a set of older 15x56's and even a tripod setup please let me know. Thanks, JJ (928)486-7063
  12. How big are you looking for? I have a buddy with a smoking deal on a Crossroads Elevation he purchased about 8 months ago. Decided it was to much trailer for them but dang it's nice!!
  13. I am sorry I was mistaken I thought Hornady and Winchester was the only readily available brass for 6.5 Creedmoor. If Norma and Nosler are available then that makes Creedmoor a valid option. I will always choose Lapua brass as my first option if it's available but you're 100% correct there is absolutely nothing wrong with Norma or Nosler brass.
  14. After I read the last part of your post I would go with a 260 rem, 1 in 8 or 1 in 8.5 twist barrel 22-24 inches if you can and you will have an awesome pack rifle. I am getting ready to build about the same thing but it's probably going to be in a 6mm caliber of some sort.
  15. 6.5x47 lapua/6.5 creedmore/260 Remington are probably the easiest 3 options to build on a SA unless you don't care about good brass or want to make your own. Frankly there really isn't good quality brass available for the 6.5 creedmore so I would lean towards the 6.5x47 lapua or 260 Rem so I could use lapua or norma brass. What are your plans with the rifle, paper and long range steel or hunting?
  16. JJ_Gibbs

    ISO: G7 BR2 Rangefinder

    Thought I would see if a CWT member has a G7 they are looking to sell before I order a new one. Maybe to upgrade to the new E1011 or just want to get rid of. Thanks, JJ 9294867063
  17. JJ_Gibbs

    Man Cave items for sale

    I will take the Harris bipod
  18. JJ_Gibbs

    ISO: G7 BR2 Rangefinder

    Got a smoking deal on a new one from SportOptic so I am good to go....thanks everybody
  19. JJ_Gibbs

    ISO: G7 BR2 Rangefinder

    Sold out on Cabelas online and unfortunately I am not in the valley to check there
  20. JJ_Gibbs

    ISO: G7 BR2 Rangefinder

    Thanks appreciate that. Trying to not have to spend 1700 for a new E1011. Sounds like yours is treating you well
  21. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB: Remington 700 Long Action Rifle

    Buds has a complete 700 action (minus bottom metal) for $364-$401 for stainless. I suppose if you're lucky and find a beat up pawn shop special for $250 you can go that route.
  22. I have a pile of stock triggers as well if you need one....or 3
  23. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB: Remington 700 Long Action Rifle

    I would assume you're looking for an action. If that's the case check out Midwest Gun Works or Bud's guns. Both places have R700 actions in stock most of the time. Bud's is normally cheaper but Midwest had just an long action body (no bolt) for like $269. Hope that helps you out. If not shop for a sale on an SPS model 700 online
  24. JJ_Gibbs


    Will throw in cash to make a trade up. Also am looking for a G7 rangefinder if someone has one they may not be using.