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    I aquired a like new Colt M4 SOCOM I'm a trade deal. Still in the original factory box. Looking to trade it for either a Remington 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader or quality optics. Trade value is $1200, I will add some pictures below. JJ 928-486-7063
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    Best ballistic app

    Shooter or Applied Ballistics.....I personally prefer the Applied Ballistics app
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    Need help picking a new stock

    Just built (2) 300rum on Manners Elite Hunters. Great stocks and excellent choice for a long range hunting rifle. One rifle is in the raw carbon EH1 with a fluted 30" barrel, minus optics weighs 9.5 pounds. The second rifle is also in an EH1 but I had it custom painted and wasn't the full carbon version 30" NON-fluted barrel weighs 10.75lbs. Hope that helps you out.
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    Nobody with any trades?
  5. JJ_Gibbs


    Will entertain any trade offers
  6. Finally got time to get the barrel broke in and shoot a 3 shot group this morning. Can't say enough great things about the quality work Ben at Sovereign Rifles puts out. First ever 3 shot group @ .359" from a carry weight magnum hunting rifle is absolutely incredible!! By the way the one not touching the other 2 was a clean bore shot
  7. Finally got my new Bighorn action today for a long anticipated 300 RUM build. Ben Strader of Sovereign Rifles in Lake Havasu City is doing the smith work. Components are a Bighorn SR2 long action/Broughton 1-10 30" barrel/Manners EH1 custom painted Kuiu vias camo/Huber Concepts trigger all topped with a Nightforce 8-32x56 NXS. If you are looking for somebody to build that one off custom rifle for you with only the best components available in the industry check out what they have to offer www.sovereignrifles.com. I will post some pictures as the build comes along.
  8. JJ_Gibbs

    Bolt finishing

    Cerkote or KG Gun Coatings. Both companies make a product that have lubricating properties that work well for bolts (Micro Slick is the Cerakote product) but it's not black in color. The ultimate coating for a bolt in my opinion is Robar NP3 but once again it isn't black.
  9. Here are a few pictures of the rifles finished up.
  10. Haven't posted any updates since the build started but I got a finished rifle back yesterday. My buddy's Bighorn/Carbon Manners is finished up as well. I am loading up some rounds for barrel break in today and will try and get some good pictures posted later.
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    WANTED: Eberlestock Gunrunner or Gunslinger

    Still looking.....an X3 would work too
  12. Thought I would see if somebody had one they wanted to get rid of here before I ordered a new one. Would prefer a gunslinger but would take a gunrunner. Thanks, JJ
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    WANTED: Eberlestock Gunrunner or Gunslinger

    Can you text me a couple pictures to 928-486-7063? Thanks!
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    REDUCED Polaris Ranger Tires and Rims

    If only those fit an 800!!
  15. JJ_Gibbs

    Butler Bag All Season System

    I will offer $350
  16. JJ_Gibbs

    Wanted swarovski 15x56

    myfirstcoueswas80 has a set he's looking to get rid of I believe
  17. Is this a legal muzzleloader being that it shoots a smokeless powder? Just asking because I thought smokeless wasn't legal in AZ
  18. He uses Polane it's the same paint that Manners and Mcmillan use on their painted stocks.
  19. He charged me $175 for the paint work which I thought was cheap, only downfall was the 2 month wait.
  20. Some of the parts I have been acquiring for the build as well as a buddies Manners full carbon EH1 and fluted Krieger barrel for another 300RUM build by Sovereign Rifles. Custom Gun Coatings did the Kuiu camo paint work.
  21. If he has all the parts it's pretty quick, I would say within a month or less. If he has to wait on parts or tooling time frame depends on those suppliers. He just got that shipment of Bighorn actions yesterday and only has a few left but he also tries to keep a decent stock of barrels and triggers. If you're interested best to give Ben a call at (951)704-2251......guarantee you won't be disappointed or have to wait a year
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    Long Long Range Rifle

    Nice rifle!! If Tannel built it it's a shooter
  23. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB---300 ultra brass/215m and 210m primers

    I actually think I got enough stuff today to get me by for a while. Thanks to everybody that responded.
  24. I know it's a long shot but I am going to be in the valley tomorrow and am in dire need of the above components. If anybody has a line on any of it please send me PM. I am willing to drive anywhere to pick stuff up. Thanks JJ (928)486-7063
  25. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB---300 ultra brass/215m and 210m primers

    Thanks I will stop by there tomorrow