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    WTB---300 ultra brass/215m and 210m primers

    I keep an eye on gunbot all the time. PM me a price 6.5x284
  2. JJ_Gibbs


    #2 Mark 4 3.5-10x40 LR/T DOES have an illuminated reticle
  3. JJ_Gibbs


    #1---Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm LR/T $700 OBO -mill dot reticle -30mm tube -aluminum Leupold lens covers -Leupold ring/base set -custom turret for 300Rum/180ttsx/5000ft/45*/3420fps (sorry but I don't have the original) #2---Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm LR/T $600 OBO -mill dot reticle -30mm tube -plastic Leupold flip lens covers #3---Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14x40mm $300 OBO -duplex reticle -1" tube All of these are in excellent condition with ZERO flaws in the glass. Selling to fund a rifle and Nightforce. I can text pictures to anybody that's interested. Scopes are priced to sell so no lowball offers please. Will ship for free to the lower 48. Any questions call or text JJ (928)486-7063
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    #2 is still available
  5. JJ_Gibbs


    #1 Mark 4 6.5-20 sold pending funds
  6. JJ_Gibbs


    The 4.5-14x40 Vari X is sold pending funds
  7. JJ_Gibbs

    FS H1000

    Sending pm now
  8. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB H1000

    It's normally a little more $$ than usual but I have had good luck getting it off Gunbroker......just checked and there is a bunch on there for sale
  9. JJ_Gibbs

    MERCURY 40hp Outboard Tiller steer

    Just a heads up that's a Johnson/Evinrude
  10. I am in the process of building a new 300 RUM and want to shoot the 230 bergers. I don't see how anybody is shooting them out of a BDL mag or any other detachable mag. Even a Wyatts extended mag box is only 3.810 oal. I seated a projectile for a dummy cartridge and the oal length to where I want to seat them comes out to 3.900. Anybody with some experience or advise I would like to hear your input. My thought is single shot only. Thanks, JJ
  11. Thanks for the input. My only thoughts about seating them for mag length is the loss of case capacity and possible pressure issues. I am going to build it as a single shot and use the setup like lancetkenyon I think.
  12. JJ_Gibbs

    G7 Rangefinder Br 2 New

    Dammit I missed that one!! Good deal
  13. JJ_Gibbs

    wtb remington 700 long action bdl bottom metal

    Midwest Gun Works.....but honestly for the price of Remington bottom metal I would pay the little extra to upgrade to something like Stocky's carries in either aluminum or stainless. The Remington bottom metal is crappy pot metal at best.
  14. I know it's a long shot but does anybody have some new 300 Ultra brass they would be willing to part with. Thank, JJ 928-486-7063
  15. JJ_Gibbs

    New 300 RUM Brass

    I just ordered that from Brownells yesterday. Thanks for looking!! That's the first 300 RUM brass I have seen in stock in quite a while
  16. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB Left handed action

    I just looked around and from what I can tell 3rd Generation Shooting Supply is the ONLY place that has a LH mag bolt face action in stock. It's a Stiller TAC300 for $925.....good deal because they had a price increase in January of this year.
  17. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB Left handed action

    Try Ryan Pierce at Piercision Rifles. He had a couple left hand Tac300 Stillers not to long ago.
  18. JJ_Gibbs

    WTB Nosler Accubond LR

    Just to let you know Midway just got those in stock....get them while you can
  19. JJ_Gibbs

    8Lb jug of H1000 for sale

    If the deal falls through I will take it
  20. JJ_Gibbs

    Wtb half a beef

    I meant the Maricopa County fair it's the first part of April......state is in October
  21. JJ_Gibbs

    Wtb half a beef

    State Fair is coming up in a month or so. Get a couple guys together and buy one to help the young FFA kids.
  22. JJ_Gibbs

    ***SOLD*** FS: Lapua 308 brass, IMR4064 powder

    I will take the brass PM on the way
  23. JJ_Gibbs

    FS Zeiss Diascope 85 T*FL W/eye Piece and Tripod

    Smoking deal for the scope/tripod combo
  24. Remington 700 Long Action w/ 2 bolts (action has been trued) PTG Fluted bolt (bolt faced opened to .540+- for magnum cartridges) with Sako style extractor (needs to be timed and primary extraction ramp adjusted) NO firing pin assembly Original Remington bolt with standard bolt face and threaded bolt knob stud (bolt is well used and the pin/extractor have been removed) I am in all the parts and action truing well over $700 and am only selling to fund a short action build. Asking $500 OBO shipped to your FFL Any questions or for pictures please call or text JJ@(928)486-7063
  25. JJ_Gibbs

    Trued Remington 700 Long Action

    Sorry guys I sold this last night to a guy off longrangehunting. He text me and sent funds before anybody on here wanted it.