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    Die hard archery guy!
  1. Thedude138

    My 2016 Mule Deer, Ugly or Awesome?

    Dude that thing it's pretty sweet!!! Congrats
  2. Thedude138

    2016 is off to a great start!

    Well figured I'd share my beautiful desert mule deer mount I just got back !! He looks amazing can't wait tell January comes back around , see if something comes together for another great story!! An good luck to all the rifle hunter about to head out!!
  3. Thedude138

    Goat DOWN!!

    Thank you everyone for the comments !! Thanks for looking , sure was a blast still living the hunt!! An will for the rest of my life. Good luck to everyone that has hunts coming up this year , shoot straight and have a great time out there be safe everyone.
  4. Thedude138

    Spot n stalk AZ goat

    Nice job man! Congrats
  5. Thedude138

    Idaho Antelope

    Sweet man congrats!! Yea antelope are fun man got mine 2 days ago , was using a decoy and stalking them! Mine came running from about 300 yards straight to me man came to 45 yards , my heart was coming outta my chest an my jaw hit the ground cause he came in on me like that!
  6. Thedude138

    Goat DOWN!!

    Well was lucky enough to tag out yesterday, after closing the distance from over 1000 yards to about 225 yards the group of antelope was not too interested in me and my decoy at that point in the morning so after they turn tail and ran off I decided to get to the High Point and glass all around me , Once I get to the top I relocate the group of antelope again, So I circle around and approach from a different direction . As I'm working my way up the hill I come across a badger, then I work my way across the flats and the badger beat me to a tree out there well as I'm playing around with the badger for 5 to 10 minutes I looked to my left and spot the antelope, then I turn my attention to the antelope I don't make it 40 yards from the tree where the badger was and the buck spots me and my decoy he comes running from over 300 yards away on a string straight to me he comes up to about 45 yards turn broadside I draw back my bow, he decides to turn and run out to 75 yards so I let down adjust my pin and I draw back again and let it fly! I hit him waited a few before I started to track him. Track him over a couple little Rolling hills, and catch him bedded down in the open no more doe's around him. He tries to stand up and nearly falls over and then stands there and proceeds to shake his head as if he's getting real dizzy! Then lays down under some trees I wait for another 10 or 15 minutes then I snuck my way down to him got to about 47 yards I draw back my bow and hammered him in the chest again he gets up and takes off again to my surprise I wait a little bit and track him and the rest is history !! I will tell you what though my adrenaline went from 0 to 1000 in a matter of seconds ,seconds!!!! I hope one year I am lucky enough to draw another tag such a fun fun hunt beautiful and interesting animals as well !!
  7. Thedude138

    Unit 7 archery for this guy!

    Lol , oops phone got a little weird there for a second!
  8. Thedude138

    Unit 7 archery for this guy!

    Can't wait should be a good time, Have seen a few goats in that area over the years. Time to get my butt up there and figuring these thing out! Good luck to all the others lucky enough to draw tags this year!!
  9. Thedude138

    Unit 7 for this guy!

    Can't wait should be a good time, Have seen a few goats in that area over the years. Time to get my butt up there and figuring these thing out! Good luck to all the other lucky enough to draw tags this year!!
  10. Thedude138

    2016 Pronghorn tags..........

    I got hit for a archery antelope tag , ether unit 7 or 4b ! Those were my first two choices ! Got luck to those who also draw tags, should be fun year !!
  11. Thedude138

    Opening Day Success

    Heck yes! Congrats, that's sweet
  12. Thedude138

    2016 is off to a great start!

    Thanks everyone!! Jaymzth007 , have been hooked on archery since I was 8 years old ! I won't be stopping anytime soon that's for sure
  13. Thedude138

    Double Down on Opening Morning!

    Wow can't beat that at all!! That's is awesome and 2 very nice bucks congrats you 2 ! Yea I'm with you too I have to wait now tell 2017 to shot a buck again as well!
  14. Thedude138

    2016 Archery Bucks Down

    That is awesome man congrats !! To very nice looking bucks!!
  15. This is my very first Buck ever! An Thanks to some good friend's and hunting buddy's was able to connect on this BEAUTIFUL desert mule deer , first shot was at 53yards, he ran only 20 yards then he stopped , nocked another arrow and let it fly hit him again at 73 yards! An to top it off, Go back to the area I shot my buck looking for a couple lost arrows , get to where we finish cleaning my buck and not 35 yards away there's javelina !! I shot mine at 27 yards , My dad got his at 18 yards and while blood trailing my dads pig the blood trail takes me right past my arrow I had shot at my buck 5 days earlier what's are the odds of that happening !! Great great day in the wild