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  1. 208muley

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Well I'm glad all you will do is shame them... Happens every second from a libtard and it's constant on the web with keyboard cowboys.... No big deal and the guy that took em probably won't care.... I will sleep better knowing nothing will happen....
  2. 208muley

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Thieves suck no doubt about that.. There is a special place for liars, cheats, and theives. But when things get stolen that the forest service determined has been abandoned what are you gonna do? Beat him up? Damage his truck or other personal gear? With what you have posted right here you have already threatened him so it won't go well for you and your "posse". Gonna call the cops? Pretty sure nothing will happen as nothing ever has. So what are you gonna do besides get real pissed? I'm not trying to pick a fight but This happens all the time especially in 9 ( the hotbed for drama where outfitters "own" the place) And yet nothing happens even if there are pics of the perp. I have caught guys stealing my cam and besides getting my cam back nothing else was gonna happen, I have way too much to loose by getting into a fight and going to court for assault. Run cams on drinkers you better buy cheap cams, secure em well and pray. It's really all you got. Good luck with the season
  3. 208muley

    Backpacking on a budget

    Curtis is right on. My quilt comes with straps you put around your pad in two locations, roughly hip and shoulder areas. The quilt clips to it to keep it from falling off and eliminates drafts if it's cold. Except for your legs from your knees down, foot box if its closed, you are actually sleeping directly on the pad. I have the xtherm and I love it. A bit crunchy but when you pass out from hunting hard you won't notice it and it's warm. Been out when it was in the teens at night and was fine.
  4. 208muley

    Mountain Goat!!!

    Nothing wrong with the mtn ascent. I have one in 280 ai and shoots .5 moa with factory 140 accubonds. The key is to bed the action and slightly mill the fore grip on the stock for a full free float. Buddy has the same gun but in 6.5 creed did the same thing to it and it is a .5 moa or less. Great rifle if you ask me. Congrats on the tag! Mtn goat is on top op my bucket list so I'm a bit jealous. Good luck and make sure to post lots of pics.
  5. 208muley

    Backpacking on a budget

    Mule pack pretty much sums it up. I would add versatility. I am a stomach sleeper and tend to flop around. A mummy bag feels like a coffin to me. Rectangular bags are out due to weight and size.. A quilt is a perfect blend for me. Mine has a zippered foot box and a draw sting at the end. I can close it up if it's cold, if it's warmer then I can open the whole thing up and use it as a blanket. It also compacts down to the size of a football as a bonus. There are a few manufacturers out there to shop around if interested. Go to enlightened equipments website to get a better understanding of the use. You tube is full of videos about quilts some done by hunters but most are hippy granola eaters or chicks with hairy pits.
  6. 208muley

    Backpacking on a budget

    My 2 cents. Quality sleep is everything when on a backpack trip. I use a down quilt, a quality pad with a 5 r value and a one person tent. I don't like bugs buzzing my face at night and let's not talk about bugs that bite or sting. Scorpions suck! You can get a Enlightened equipment quilt for about $300 and you can customize it to your liking. My 20 degree weighs 19 oz. my big Agnes tent weighs just under 2 lbs. My pad is 14 oz. camp is set for under 5 lbs. Without weapon my pack for a 7 day trip weighs 42 lbs, give or take depending on season or animal,including clothes I'm wearing, boots, pack, glass, camp, food, cook gear, filter, 3 liter platypus, and misc equip I won't hunt without.
  7. 208muley

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    My 2 cents ...... 1 innocent until proven guilty 2 being a DB doesn't make a guy guilty but it might give him a punchable face 3 AZGFD has proven to be very wrong in the past 4 kids and wives are off limits, see number 2 5 until a verdict is reached I would hold your words. Think karma 6 the Internet is a cesspool of opinions that no one would say face to face 7 I have little faith in the judicial system when it comes to game violations or democrat crimes 8 deer/sheep/turkey apps are due next Tuesday.
  8. 208muley

    I Want to donate camo

    That's for the info guys. Tom, I will reach out and set something up to get this stuff to you. Looks like I have about 8-10 complete sets of camo and some misc stuff.
  9. 208muley

    I Want to donate camo

    So I'm cleaning out some hunting stuff and I realize I have way too much camo and I remember that a while back there was someone asking for camo for hunt for heros or maybe it was for kids. Anyways I have a bunch I want to get rid of. Lots of different patterns, pants, long/short sleeve shirts light jackets, under armor stuff and probably other stuff I don't even know I have yet. Most is adult large and extra large. not gonna lie and say it is all pristine, it's not, it's been hunted in. I really want this stuff to go to a charity that will help someone enjoy a donated hunt so please don't get some for yourself. Send me a pm for any info to getting this stuff to a charity that needs it. Thx, Eric
  10. It was really great spending time and helping out on the one day pig hunt! Gabbi did awesome to get the shot and then get back to the ranger! Super happy for her! Sorry I missed you guys on the turkey hunt, work just wouldn't let me leave but you were in good hands with Keith, who is a good friend of mine! I'm glad to hear Gabbi is doing good and hopefully we will get to hunt together on another jr hunt. God bless, Eric
  11. 208muley

    WTB: Marsupial Bino Harness

    Call Jim at marsupial 602-350-4952. I wanted a small in a certain color and he got me one. Good guy and a great product.
  12. 208muley

    Goulds from last year

    Good looking bird! Sven has my goulds from last year as well. I killed first day and had it to him the next. Hopefully I get a call from him soon!
  13. 208muley

    noisy in the woods today

    I helped a buddy in 8 on the first hunt. On Thursday he helped his buddy's son kill his first bird on the last day of the jr hunt, it was called in and they had a buch of birds gobbling. On Friday we got our but kicked on roosted birds, changed location, and did some mid day calling. Had two mature toms come in quiet at 11:30. One went for a ride home. We didn't find as much sign or birds as in years past just worked areas that had sign and it worked. Good luck
  14. 208muley

    Mr. Heather Big Buddy Propane Heater

    Works like a charm in my Kodak 10x14. Long hose to a big can outside, crack a window on the bottom and one on the top and runit all night when my wife is with me. No issues
  15. 208muley

    Conserve and Protect Meeting 4/23/2018

    Simple rule of thumb everyone should follow........ It Pete Cimarello is for something then you should be against it... Period His day in the sun has passed and now he is nothing more than an egomaniac with selfish plans.. For the record I am against this new version of a tag grab.