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    First timers

    Thanks a lot for the info so far
  2. Hey yall, I'll be heading out to 30b in upcoming general hunt. Trying to get my son whose 11 his first big game kill and my dad and brother their first javelina. This will be the first time for us hunting in this unit. Unfortunately because of work I cannot scout. Im thinking of hunting the dragoons. Good spot? Looking for someone that is familiar with this unit who can suggest a good camping/hunting area. Any information will be highly appreciated. Thank you and good luck.
  3. G_E_E

    30b help for youth and first timers

    Awesome IA Born, thanks for the help.
  4. G_E_E

    Hiking in the dark

    Its really as easy as strapping a headlamp on your head and just walking. Just about everything out there is gonna be more scared of you chomping through the brush than you should be of them. Part of my job is hiking through the wilderness in the middle of the night with just a flashlight and gun. If it makes you feel better, have a gun ready to grab like I usually do. It is definitely worth the walk in the dark to get set up for first light. STOP over thinking it and get out there.
  5. After not tagging out during my November rifle hunt I was counting down the days to December 11th. I Hunted my butt off since then, and a few misses and failed stalks later I was beginning to think that it wasn't going to happen for me in 2015. But persistents payed off on the 31st. I wasn't going to be picky at all so when I saw this guy I figured not only will I be filling my freezer but also doing future bucks and hunters a favor by taking him out of the gene pool.
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    Haha, well if you are able to post it at some point it would be cool to see. I'm not too picky a hunter, I guess I'm more of a meat hunter cause antler size isint huge deal to me. Im just curious about what some guys are harvesting in this unit since it's not talked about very much. Then again probably not talked about very much cause success rate must not be that great. I was just hoping that given the amount of deer I saw this past archery January hunt that they would still be around for a rifle. I'm starting to think like BigGameHunter "The November hunt will be slightly more challenging ... if it were me, and I'm just one dude that archery hunts that unit fairly regularly"
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    Hey yall, congrats to all who have been successful so far. I have the upcoming November 13-20 hunt in 37a and just curious about how any body did during the first hunt out there. If any one hunted the area north of 3 points, and how the roads are looking up there after some of the recent rain. Hopefully I can get out there this weekend for some much needed scouting if the roads are passable in my 4x4 yukon. Thanks
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    Looks kinda like the one my friend killed yesterday thereCan you show a pic of your friends buck?
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    I'm hoping to find this guy next weekend. You can see the time stamp is late August so he still had a month of growing.
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    Way better odds of running into muleys in 37a.
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    From what i have seen, the deer population seems to be doing pretty darn good. Since there's only two hunts this year with 75 tags each, im wondering if anyone on this site has a tag.
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    Hmm, not quite sure how to respond to that. ^
  13. This is my first post on this site but have been a long time reader. I was waiting till I had a decent topic to post about and now I do since I got my first buck with my bow. I am fairly new to hunting so all the tips I have read here have been a huge help to me and harvesting a Coues, Javalina and now this Mulie. Thanks to everyone who have posted some type of hunting tip. I shot this buck on the 2nd so I am done for the year when it comes to deer but will hopefully fill my two javalina tags and maybe a bear tag. I was lucky enough to spot this deer while working, and couldn't wait to get off and prayed he was till in the same area. Luck was on my side because he, six does and the two spikes were there. On my first stalk I was able to get within 40 yards at about a 40 degree angle above him and get a shot off but missed high so he took off out of sight. Luckily they only ran about 75 yards and I was able to get back on him, I crawled to within 40 yards again and waited for a fawn to get out of the way for a clear shot. Finally after about 10 minutes the buck began to spook a little and walk off, I was able to stop him with a grunt sound I made and he provided a perfect broadside shot. I let the arrow fly and this time didn't miss but double lunged him. He ran out of sight and I waited about 15 minutes then went to the spot he was at when I shot him and couldn't find any blood or anything to track him out. I began to get worried that I would not find him and have another one of those stories about shooting but not finding a animal. After about 45 minutes of walking circles I finally found him on the side of a dry dirt tank and only 10 yards off a road, so needless to say getting him to a vehicle was a piece of cake. I have to thank my brother who drove down in a pickup truck so I could load him up since this deer would not have fit in the trunk of my Honda Civic.
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    Who's going out for the HAM 2014?

    Haha I'm opposite. Going to use my bow unless they are too close to draw, then I'll take him with my XD-9. Going to be in 37B
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    Who's going out for the HAM 2014?

    I'll be out in 34a with my two sons and a couple buddies. Setting up camp Friday-sunday for some quality family and friend time. Gonna try hard with my bow but if I can't close the distance I will switch to my pistol for 70+ yard shots. Good luck to Yall.
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    2 for 2

    Nice job. How did u do your European mount? Especially getting the teeth white.
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    1-10-2014 hunt. Never give up!!!

    Congrats on first deer with a bow.
  18. G_E_E

    Stick and string buck

    Nice deer. Congrats. I love that feeling of seeing and hearing your arrow disappear into the vitals for the first time. Something you will never forget. Good job.
  19. G_E_E

    34a hunt

    Beat the brush in the really thick areas that glassing can miss once it warms up. But they should be moving early morning and afternoon. I'll be out that way as well. Plenty of access, especially North west side
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    No piggies but a BIG first!

    I took my nine year old on a good hike while deer hunting and he had a blast and was able to keep up the whole time without complaining. I was very proud of that, we saw a few does but no buck but also found a decent size heard of pigs that I will be going back after with my bow. He really enjoyed watching the javelinas through his binos and is getting pumped for the hunter education courses so that he can take out his own big game soon.
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    2013 Urban Pig! 8 year curse is broken!

    Nice job with recurve
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    My first buck with a bow

    I work near sonoita and surrounding area so I usually just hunt the southern units since I sometimes get lucky and see nice deer while working.
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    Trophy Javelina

    Wow. Awesome pig. I never heard of a blonde javi, awesome trophy there.
  24. G_E_E

    2014 pigs?

    While deer hunting in 34b I ran into a large herd of pigs but of course didn't have a tag at the time but picked up my archery only tag yesterday. Hopefully they are still in the same canyon so I can harvest my second big game animal with a bow.
  25. Wow nice coues. Kinda crazy seeing him down that low with the saguaro cactus.