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  1. On 6/1/2023 at 2:40 PM, Curtis Reed said:

    I have a Lincoln Navigator and Ford Ranger in the family both from mid 90’s with 250,000+ on them. My old man has a v8 vortec Chevy with 235k. You all don’t know how to do PM’s on trucks if you think 100k is end of life.  

    Very true words here.  I have owned Fords, chevys and yotas.  Preventive maintaince is key to any brand.  But yes it easy to say toyotas are  better because typically they are built better.  Just take care of your shiit and you'll be surprised how far you can go with a vehicle.  

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  2. Yea man good people are still out there.  Years ago, in unit 10 on a cow hunt my pack with my binos, tripod, field cleaning kit, batteries, first aid and other misc. items (a few thousand bucks' worth of stuff) fell out the back of a faulty SxS tail gate onto a major road in the unit.  We didn't notice it until we had turned off to a smaller 2 track headed up hill and other stuff started falling out.  Freaked out, we hauled butt back and there was my pack sitting up on the side of the road with everything in it.  I was in diss belief.  I was very fortunate that the right person came across my pack and left it for us.

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  3. A few years ago, I was walking a deer trail fairly quickly to get to a glassing spot.  Out of nowhere the rattling started, luckily, I could tell it was to my left, so I quickly moved a step to my right, looked over and a few feet away there was 4-footer reared up, pissed and ready to strike.  Thank goodness I stepped in the right direction, or he would have got me.  Grabbed the biggest rocks I could find and took care of him (didn't want to spook any deer with my pistol).  I usually let them be in the wild, but had to walk that trail back later on.

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  4.  I have owned one for about 5 years, bought it super cheap, re did roof and put new canvas on.  They are nice to get you off the ground and provide insulation for cold or hot weather, a small lift and they will get you further than bigger trailers, it's also nice to have a bigger stiffer bed to sleep in.  But like said before they can be a pain to setup/take down, and I worry about my crank system deciding to crap out making it useless.  I am going to sell it soon since I have upgraded to a fifth wheel.

  5. On 6/2/2022 at 11:20 AM, codyhuntsaz said:

    Ya that’s basically what I’ve heard too. I was quoted $3800-$4500 over the phone before he looked at it. I guess they are known to take a crap between 140k-180k pretty consistently. 

    Just curious if you had been changing the fluid every 30k miles or so?  I hear the CVTs are more sensitive so needing that type of maintenance.  My civic has a CVT and about 40k miles, so hoping to avoid that big bill in the future.

  6. I would change my oil at least once a year even with low miles driven.  Oil is cheap compared to a  engine swap.  

    Sucks that the OP is having trouble finding oil.  I started changing my own oil a long time ago and won't go back to wasting time and money at a shop.  At least you have piece of mind that it's done right and with the right products.  Use this as a opportunity to stock up on your oil when it's available and have it on hand to change on your own time👍.  

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