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  1. Fo sho, nice truck and nice deal!  My 06 5.3 is at184k and running great, got me in and out of a bunch of crazy spots. Definitely a solid generation of GM vehicles.  Unfortunately you can't say that much for the the last 10 years of GM pick-ups.

  2. 1 hour ago, MULEPACKHUNTER said:

    I noticed this last few years the TV and youtube hunters have been advertising AZ OTC a ton,,,,I got out a bunch and ran into more out of state guys than AZ hunters.

    Yup this is a big aspect.  Never seen one of my favorite spots crowded so much, especially with out of staters.  I have probably helped 5 or so newbies so far, with one more for the upcoming javelina hunt.  

  3. 13 hours ago, Beaton said:

    Good job in A tough unit. My daughter had this tag and missed a bull over 300inches opening morning and I glassed my eyeballs off and never saw another elk. Unfortunately we missed our opportunity and she had to come back for work or we would still be up there.

    Awe man, a 300+ inch bull would have been amazing.  Sucks that happened, but part of the gig.  Still nice being in the woods with loved ones.

  4. 2 hours ago, Flatlander said:

    Nice work. Not an easy place to go 2 for 2 or back to back.

    Thank you, we actually went 3 for 3, another buddy of mine was there and tagged out the day before.  Definitely a trip to remember.

  5. Last year we endured 2ft of snow opening morning, so the first couple days were getting stuck and pulling others out.  Not the best as far as getting to where we wanted to go because of so much snow.  It was a pain in the butt!!!  We followed a few tracks with no results, just tired legs(knee deep snow).  Saturday afternoon my friend spotted elk 8 miles away, we tried getting there but snow stopped us.  So we made a game plan for the next morning to go in a different way to hopefully get to the hills they were on.  Sunday morning we hike to where we wanted to go.  WIMG_20191201_164722.thumb.jpg.e35109f2377dacd661f6bf8565309a49.jpge located a bachelor herd  way up on a hill, out of shooting range.  While looking around, I found a lone bull further down the hill closer to us that would ultimately give me a shot opportunity.  2 shots later I tagged my first bull elk.  

    This year with the help of my lovely wifes few bonus points, both her and I drew tags again in the same unit.  She shot her first big game animal, a good ol tasty spike.  Later that afternoon I was lucky enough to tag my second bull in this not so sought after tag in 7E.





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  6. On 11/21/2020 at 11:24 PM, maximus said:

    i have seen elk water on schultz tank and bed high on the peaks, that is 2-3 miles a list.

    You talking about 7e right?  I have been out here scouting and not one dirt tank has water.  There's barely any water in the catchment/trick tanks.  Nice not to have 2 feet of snow like year, but dang, I wish it wasn't this dry.  Still trying to find some bulls, hopefully we'll get on some this weekend.  Good luck to everyone on this late, dry hunt.

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  7. Look for the steep hills sides or top of hills and canyons.  Last year I saw bulls almost to the top of some hills where it was impossible to see from roads.  The only way we saw them was hiking up high enough for a vantage point.  Just pray it won't snow 2 feet opening morning like last year.  So far the weather looks like it will be great as long as there is no wind.  And put plenty of layers on, remember it's easy to take off layers, then not have enough and be cold and miserable.

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