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  1. I'm looking at buying a Glock 20 10mm, and wanted to know what your guys think of it, if you had the privilege to shoot one? I'm thinking of getting it to handgun hunt that being mentioned too, what have you killed with a 10mm (any 10mm)???
  2. I am from Rhode Island and will be in Arizona next year in August. I've been trying to find an outfitter for rattlesnake hunting but have come up with nothing. Does anybody have any guidance?
  3. I'm looking for a Rattlesnake hunting guide ... I'm going to the West Valley in August and really gonna get some snake skins. Anyone know where I can I find a guide
  4. GlockMan

    Looking For A RattleSnake Guide

    4000 dollars lmfao... that's nuts
  5. GlockMan

    Looking For A RattleSnake Guide

    Goodyear, AZ but will travel
  6. Can you crossbow hunt deer in Arizona? Is it legal?
  7. GlockMan

    Deer In The PHX Valley

    Have you ever seen any deer, Coues or Mule deer in Maricopa County? Like around a neighborhood or crossing a street? Just wondering, I went to ASU and never seen one. Until I drove past Globe and Superior... I now live in Rhode Island (Crappy Democratic State) and I seen a house up the street from me with ten antlerless whitetail (because it still cold) eating the green bushes in the front of this guys house. I got two deer this year off my buddy's farm but never in my life seen so many deer in a residential neighborhood, I seen two last month in my neighbors backyard, facing the woods, but never like this where its surrounded by houses, and densely populated... JUST WONDER
  8. Is it true that Hornady stopped making SST Ammo?
  9. Has anyone shot or own a Rock island 1911? I'm looking into to a Rock Island tactical with VZ grips in either 45 or 10mm... Is it good? reliable? accurate? What do you think?
  10. GlockMan

    Deer In The PHX Valley

    Deer in Mesa? I have a hard time believing that
  11. GlockMan

    Deer In The PHX Valley

    I seen a coues get killed by a ford truck so hard. It went flying over thet truck and some how its head dismangled from the body when it landed on the highway. This happened in 2011 right in front of the 60 east and queen valley road (Begining of Pinal County), just before the train tracks... Where everyone goes shooting and coyote hunting in the east valley... And coybow kid, you story seems like it was back in the old west days... Your grandpa was probably riding a horse drawn wagon on the I-10 with his colt on his hip. I hate this state of RI, I miss AZ, where I can buy a gun same day and carry legal without any BS licensing... This state doesn't even issue CCW permits, ur a felon if u have a gun on your person. I am planning on moving back to Gilbert someday...
  12. I got my G20 Gen 4, love it!!!! Great buy
  13. GlockMan

    Best places to flyfish

    I am a member of azflyandtie, great forum.. I like Oak creek, lots of big rainbow at slide rock, right where the slide ends... I've caught a few but no monster, but I always see monster rainbows. Very scenic too, I would recommend it to anyone. I got to woods canyon with the family, nothing big but always fun. I like to fish and carry my glock, when I camp there, the coyotes go crazy went they smell your catch. I never shoot them but incase.
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    Mounts for sale

    Picture is worth a thousand words!!! Its also worth over a thousand dollars in this case
  15. I seen that Elk Video too, Razors rocked that elk. I agree its not ethical but all I want is a lion with the Glock20.. I love glocks and collect them so I will buy the G20 for my collection but I will look into the Rowland Conversion
  16. Can you legally hunt deer, coyotes, bobcat, mountail lion, and elk with a pistol legally in AZ? If so, is there specific seasons? I really want a mountain lion
  17. I would love to shoot a badger too!!! I'm a small guy 5'11'' and 155 lbs 27 years old but it does feel big in my hands but its going to be for a hunting pistol, my hands will be ok though. I carry a G17 but need a good side arms for my AZ hunts, I'm also planning a mountain lion hunt with a guide and plan on buying a lone wolf 9" stainless barrel for accuracy. I shot the G21 and 41 45 acp and do fine.
  18. Hey I wanted opinions on a Ruger American .22LR. I live in RI and the only way to hunt coyote and lynx is with a .22 mag or LR... I wanted your opinions because I am looking for something accurate up to 100 yards and I love bolt actions. I am also looking at a Ruger 10\22 and Remington 597 for get some coyotes off the farm I hunt at. ANY ADVISE WOULD BE GREAT
  19. Woooo!!!! CZ .22 is expensive!!!
  20. WOW!!! I Have no idea!!! Never thought about that but it can happen
  21. I called the RI Department of Environmental Management and it's 22 LR or Mag for coyotes, fox, lynx, squirrel, raccoon, etc... So I'm still looking at a bolt action 22 and ideas? I'm still looking at the Ruger American .22 LR
  22. I believe its centerfires only up to 22 mag. But AZSLIM brings up a good point , i'll look into it . Who makes the best 17 WSM for the buck and super accurate? I appreciate the help AZSLIM I'm from RI but moved to AZ when I went and completed my Masters @ ASU... I love AZ and truly miss it!!! Wish I could carry concealed, or in my truck without ending up in the slammer for exercising my second amendment. I truly hate these Liberal states!!! Can't open or concealed carry and a 8 day wait on all guns!!! AZ is the land of the free
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    How do I upload a picture as my signature?
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    First bobcat with the wife

    THATS A LYNX, I'm pretty sure!!!