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  1. corps013

    Are you a Democrat, Republican, or a Redneck

    Guess I am Republican, but with a Sig not a Glock
  2. corps013

    24A thunder chicken down

    Thanks great. I am sure one of many memories you have shared with your father.
  3. corps013

    Best April Fools Day Jokes

    I was divorced at the time I meet my future wife. Once we were engaged, I informed her that we could not get married in the church as I was divorced. She was upset about this. Well 5 years ago on April 1st, I called stating that there was a loophole and we could get married in the church. We just needed to complete a form. I told her to look up the form and we could fill it out when I got home. I told her she needed to research form # ID 10t. She looked it up online. She would not speak to me for the remainder of the day. To this day I still tease her about the ID10t form.
  4. corps013

    NEW AZGFD website/portal

    It looks like the site crashed
  5. So... the winner is??
  6. corps013

    WTS Vortex Viper 15x50 HD

  7. corps013

    WTS Vortex Viper 15x50 HD

    I am selling a pair of Vortex Viper 15x50 HD for $500. Not looking for any trades. Bought them last year for my daughter's Jr elk hunt. Located in east valley. You can call or text 480 414 9081
  8. corps013

    Shelby's Buck of a Lifetime

    Congrats. Thats an awesome buck.
  9. corps013

    First Archery Bull

    Congrats on your first archery bull.
  10. corps013

    My 7E Archery Bull Elk

    Congrats on a nice bull.
  11. corps013

    Draw results

    Resuls are up online 4a and B for deer
  12. corps013

    Draw results

    07/24 @ 1357
  13. corps013

    Draw results

    I think they will come out today after 1pm.
  14. corps013

    Azgfd getting info on declined cards?!

    That happened to me on Monday. I gave them a different credit card and they processed it Monday night. Oddly enough, the (declined) card worked for my daughter's javie tag and at dinner that night.
  15. corps013

    Best Tires

    Are you driving a half ton or 3/4 ton truck?