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    Unit 10 horn growth

    http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/49877-headgear-growth/ Someone posted a couple weeks back, should help ya out.
  2. Red Dog

    bear ID

    Beautiful looking bear! That's a nice honeyhole you found there! Are you not hunting bear later in the year?
  3. Red Dog

    headgear growth

    6. Unit 10 typically has larger bulls but this dry spell is definitely taking a toll.
  4. Red Dog

    Best Tires

    I have some Cooper Discover AT/3's. Handle really well, 50,000 mile warranty on them, and doesn't break the bank.
  5. Red Dog

    New To AZ...

    Welcome to Arizona, looking forward to hearing about your adventures and journey to work with the AZGFD!
  6. Red Dog

    Badlands 2200

    is that 105 oz square? It's rectangular, it fits nicely, but I never fill it all the way up, I think the max the Badlands reccomended for my 2200 was 95 or 100 ounces.
  7. Red Dog

    Badlands 2200

    I got the 105 ounce badlands one at sportsmans, hasn't leaked at all, used for hiking and periodically on my hunts aug-December. In the case there is a leak, send it in to badlands, and you'll get a new one.
  8. I went to my favorite fishing hub today, Liar's Korner, and I was viewing some of the photos on the wall while waiting for my pops to finish purchasing his stuff. While looking at the pics, this one caught my eye, never saw something like this before, wondering if anyone knows who's picture this is? I just had to share with y'all. Looks like the Javelina is bout to become dinner
  9. Red Dog

    A Trick of Fate

    Awesome write up! I hope to claim my first bear this year. Congrats on the bear, extremely vivid details made me feel like I was there. How'd the wife react when you told her you got another in the bag lol?
  10. Red Dog

    2014 AZ Archery Lion

    Awesome lion! Great Write-up! Congratulations on your successful hunt!
  11. Red Dog

    Spring Bear

    Awesome Bear! Plus your son got to witness you taking the shot, which makes it even better. Great memory that y'all will share for life.
  12. Red Dog

    14 lb largemouth at Canyon

    My father, my bud jessy, and myself went fishing at canyon 2 weeks ago. My bud and I were catfishing while my dad was fishing for largemouth. It was extremely windy, and we were debating whether or not to just brave the winds are go home. I'm glad we chose to stay! Towards midnight, we were finishing up and about to head home when my dad said he wanted to try one more spot. Just a bit if background info on my dad, My pops fishes tournaments all the time, and caught his biggest fish earlier this year at 10 lbs 13 ounces at saguaro. Little did we know he was about to shatter that this night, he cast out and tapped against the rock line against the shore, he popped it one time and said he felt a slight tap, and stated it felt like a bluegill or something, it pulled lightly on his pole and he felt pressure, so then he set the hook, and all heck broke loose. We heard the line getting dragged out like crazy, and my father began to exclaim "dear god this is the biggest bass I think I've ever hooked into". Now, he says this every time he hooks into a bass so I was slightly skeptical, until I got a view of the monster. It surfaced for just a brief second in order to make me and my dad soil ourselves a bit! After the brief view we had, it dragged out more line and my dad yelled "get the net!!!" I picked the net up and was ready for my dad to reel her in close enough. The bass was dragging out, and then did a complete 180 and came towards us, it dragged under the boat and my pops was deathly afraid we were about to lose it. Thankfully, it swam back towards my fathers direction, and surfaced. That's all I needed, I netted it and put it in the boat. Me and my fathers jaw dropped and we were in shock, just admiring the beast. Then it hit my dad, he let out his warcries and began running up and down the boat screaming "oh my god oh my god." We weighed it several times, first getting 13 lbs, 11 ounces, then 14, 3 ounces, and then 14, 01 ounces. We agreed to settle for 14. This will be an awesome moment that I'll remember for a long time with my father. Awesome experience. We released it back into the depths to spread the good genetics.
  13. Red Dog

    Indian Ruins

    Ton to national monument, cool hike with the family, with an amazing view of Roosevelt lake.
  14. Red Dog

    This post is for the dogs

    Couple more pictures of Jade, my vizsla/lab mix. One at the lake, the next her taking control of the bed. Last one is our newest addition to the family, butters, a Maltese mix tiring jade out. Gotta love dogs.
  15. Red Dog

    Tag came in the mail!

    Mine came in as well, unit 10 here I come... In 7 months...;D
  16. Red Dog

    Results are Up!!!

    10 late cow. Boquillas here I come again.
  17. Red Dog

    This post is for the dogs

    Fishing at canyon. The fish weren't biting, but my 4 year old vizsla/lab mix: Jade was trying to bite the waterfowl lol! Dog is practically a human. Take her out fishing all the time.
  18. Red Dog

    They are starting to hit CC

    Congrats the that's like 20 years in a row? Haha. Good luck on the hunt!
  19. Red Dog

    They are starting to hit CC

    Just hit 3 elk tags family trip this year unit 10 or 22.
  20. Red Dog

    They are starting to hit CC

    Best of luck! Fingers crossed! Have probably checked my statement 20 times in the past 10 minutes lol!
  21. For sale is a diamond Bowtech black ice compound bow. The bow has been serviced and has new strings by Mike at Bear Mountain archery. This bow shoots dead on. Great intermediate bow. 28 inch draw (27"inserts come with the bow) 40-60# draw, currently set at 55#, quiver, Scott archery release, arrow rest, loop knock, inline peep sight included. Sight and stabilizer not included.350$ Edit: lowered to 300$.
  22. Red Dog

    biggest cow elk I have seen

    Dear lord. I bet the backstraps were huge! How much meat did you end up with?
  23. Red Dog

    2008 Diamond Black Ice by Bowtech

    TTT! Final price drop 300.