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Found 47 results

  1. Phxsportsman

    Javelina Full Mount

    Arizona javelina full body mount on faux rock base. Great for decor in cabin or home. Approximate measurements are 31” W X 16” D X 32” H. Located at I-17 and Deer Valley Road.  Can be contacted by text at 480-323-8087.  $575.00
  2. Phxsportsman

    Taxidermy Javelina Full Mount

    Arizona javelina full body mount on faux rock base. Great for decor in cabin or home. Approximate measurements are 31” W X 16” D X 32” H. Located at I-17 and Deer Valley Road. Can be contacted by text at 480-323-8087. $985.00
  3. Code3


    Hide no longer avail
  4. Team STO

    STO GameStop Taxidermy

    My fifteen year old son Bryce has not only notched 20 big game kills already, he is now a young entrepreneur. STO evolved to cure the Covid lockdown boredom when we shot family outdoor themed videos for his new Sportsmens Tradition Outdoors YouTube channel. Then he designed a logo, sold hats, and started to build his website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. STO GameStop was the next step in his vision and he currently does timely and fair prices Euromounts while offering several options. A few you can view below. He wants to evolve into Taxidermy and Processing, as well as becoming a guide. As of now he is getting stuff out in one week but I have not opened the floodgates yet. If you are in need of getting a euro mount completed, give us a shout.
  5. 2013 G5 Prime Impact Compound Bow 70LBS Limbs at 28” Draw Length 2 seasons on the Strings ~390 Grain Arrow at ~280 FPS QAD drop away rest and paper tuned by AAC $325 Or Best Offer I-17 & Carefree Hwy Contact Keith: (602) 642 1721
  6. I went on a Javelina hunt last year with some friends (I did not have a tag, just along for the ride), and it was an absolute HOOT! I'm coming from out of state and will likely not have any time to scout the unit I get drawn for. This is a bit premature, as the draw has not yet taken place, but I'm putting in for units, 20C, 22, 23, 36A, 36B. I'd appreciate any information on good access points, general hunt areas (you can PM me) if you are familiar with any of these units. Also, if you would recommend one of these units over the others. I have a basic understanding of finding sign and how to glass for these little guys. Just looking for a good starting point.
  7. Hey. My dad and I are from southern Utah down for our first javelina hunt. We are located near lake montazuma and bull pen campgrounds. Haven't seen anything yet. Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  8. BusterAZ

    HAM Hunting

    Those that hunt with a handgun, what ammo do you use? I will be using a 357 Revolver with a 6 in barrel this upcoming season and was looking for recommendations on which grain size to use. Also, any belt/pack holster recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Cosper88

    6A North Side

    Heading out in a few days. I have been scouting for a few trips and just cant get on any sign. Any recommendations? Trying to get my kid his first javelina and really want him to fill his tag so he is hooked. Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated
  10. LungBuster

    Vortex Kaibab 20 x 56 HD

    I just don't use these enough to keep. I have a pair of 10 x 42 vipers and use those more. $925.00 cash only, I live in north Phoenix and work downtown so plenty of options to meet.
  11. chase_christopher


    In this video Kevin shows his way of cooking Javelina and other less desirable cuts of meat. Take a look. Do you use this method of cooking? -----> https://youtu.be/8tKj-p6rWPw <-----
  12. reece_mess16

    My first Javelina!!!

    This is my first Javelina and this was perhaps one of the most fun/rewarding hunts of my life! I walked all over the unit to find this pig and her heard and it was completely worth it! Calling them gets weird when they are all around you but with patience the perfect shot will present itself! Anyway enjoy the pics!
  13. bhuntin

    couple of javys

    one from december,last month, big ole boar and one from this month, big boar. Have been seen a ton of pigs.
  14. bhuntin

    ghetto ( metro pig ) buster

    metro...errrr ghetto oinker.....42 yard shot,big ole boar
  15. Finished up this custom wall pedestal mount. This javelina had some unique features to its teeth and jaw. The client wanted the teeth of the mount to match the cleaned skull rather than have a generic jawset installed. So we molded the teeth and entire inner mouth from her javelina and created a custom jawset for her mount. Here is a link to some of the work in progress pictures, if anyone is curious as to how we did this...... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.793214660726458.1073741846.6761785757634001&type=3
  16. I have a single shot 243 for sale. Great youth rifle for pigs. Decelerator pad. Weaver rings. $200 obo If I am off on the price please feel free to let me know and make an offer. Thanks Call or text is the best way to reach me. 480-220-6501.
  17. bhuntin

    father son double

    Couldn't be prouder of my son...first archery kill 37 yards..standing right next to him while he did it.great moment .he then managed to video mine on his iPhone ( will post soon)..and he got to experience his first real pack out( no complaints)heading out next weekend to help buddy Todd get his...he had his opportunity but we had decided to let Bray fly first...very grateful! Off to southwest taxidermy!!! http://youtu.be/LoQanLlMMVo
  18. AZHNTR67


    It is with a heavy heart that a dear friend of mine lost her husband to cancer several months back. Many of you have purchased several of the items I am selling for her which has been very difficult for her as you can imagine.
  19. AZHNTR67


    It is with a heavy heart that a dear friend of mine lost her husband to cancer several months back. Many of you have purchased several of the items I am selling for her which has been very difficult for her as you
  20. Yoshi

    Piggy Success

    Weekend success for the 2015 rifle season with my 243 win. (95gr Federal Fusion) and think a good shot for about 150 yards offhand Hope you enjoy the pics
  21. I'm in Tucson. Please call my friend Tom to arrange pickup or delivery. 520 400 9476
  22. Arizona Elk Society is hosting along with Red Bear Outfitters, Arizona Predator Callers, OHV Ambassadors and AZGFD, A Beginners Small Game & Junior Javelina Camp. This is on JUan 22-25th 2015 Unit 37B Florence Area. We can use some Mentors to help the Juniors and help around camp. For more information Contact John McGehee at jmgehee@azgfd.gov 520-628-5376 or AES - stevec@arizonaelksociety.org 602-492-5319 I have attached the flyer and information from AZGFD 37B Jr Hunt flyer.pdf 37B Jr. Hunt Letter 2015 & map.doc
  23. bhuntin

    favorite time of year

    my favorite time of year com in up,just got cc hit for myself and son!!!
  24. I went to my favorite fishing hub today, Liar's Korner, and I was viewing some of the photos on the wall while waiting for my pops to finish purchasing his stuff. While looking at the pics, this one caught my eye, never saw something like this before, wondering if anyone knows who's picture this is? I just had to share with y'all. Looks like the Javelina is bout to become dinner
  25. sorry if this is in the wrong place but.... My son went down to the El Tule Ranch with Ernesto and Francisco Denogean of Trophy of Sonora and he glassed up this special javelina. He took the photo through his Leupold spotter with a digital camera. hope you enjoy!!! 2nd photo :the only thing that isn't white on his body is his butt, for what??? I think you can make pretty good guess. just for comparison, on the 3rd photo you can see a normal javelina to the left of the date stamp. you could see the whitey from 800 yards away with just your bare eye. probably one of the coolest things he has seen