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  1. Smith2260

    Looking to get bear rug made

    Mark Miller at Southwest Taxidermy is close to you. He did my bear rug and it looks awesome!!
  2. Smith2260

    Youth Archery Elk

    This is my then 16 year old son. He was very disciplined to shoot a lot all summer and even every day in camp. The hardest time I had was calling for him and trying to tell him to draw. He didn’t realize how fast it can happen and then be gone. So we ended up sitting water and he easily 10-ringed this bull from a well practiced sitting position. He could easily shoot my bow at 63 pounds. But we left him at 55 pounds so he could slowly draw and hold for awhile. Also, the older my kids get, the less available time they have to hunt, between school, sports and the opposite sex, there’s a small window to hunt.
  3. Smith2260

    WTB Polaris REAR rim/wheel (1)

    I broke a rear rim on my 2017 Polaris ranger 1000 this weekend. Anyone by chance have one they want to sell. I’ll pay shipping if it’s out of town. I’ll post a picture of the stock rim. Thank you for looking!! The other picture is where a rock kicked up into the backside of the rim and punched a big hole thru the aluminum. Bobby 480-220-6501
  4. Smith2260

    Free- 4 used ranger tires.

    Should be home most of the weekend.
  5. Smith2260

    WTB reliable vehicle under $3k for my Mom

    Emckee- thank you. I’ll let her know. But probably too much right now. Thanks for looking around!
  6. Looking for a reliable vehicle for my Mom. She has $3000. Preferably mid size or full size anything. She totaled her truck last week and needs wheels. She drives from New River to Apache Junction on a regular basis Please let me know what you have. Thank you for looking! Bobby 480-220-6501
  7. Smith2260

    Chevy 99-06 bed/fender flares/trim *price drop*

    tailgate and taillights sold Make an offer on anything left if will help put your truck back together
  8. Smith2260

    Free- 4 used ranger tires.

    FREE... going in the trash soon
  9. Smith2260

    FS- Ranger/ RZR tires and rims *price drop*

    price drop
  10. Smith2260

    Chevy 99-06 bed/fender flares/trim *price drop*

    price drop
  11. Smith2260

    WTB Chevy/Dodge Rims- 8 lug- Black

    Thanks for the heads up!
  12. My son replaced the bed on his truck. So we have a bunch of misc. body parts and trim for sale. 99-06 Chevy Silverado. Please call/text/pm with questions or offers. Thanks for looking. Bobby 480-220-65O1 -Long bed- Dents on both rear quarter panels. $20 obo- need gone! -tailgate $125 sold -fender flares OEM- (2) front and (4) rear. $35 each. $20 each obo -rear tail lights sold -rear bumper outer brackets (fits 1500) $20 $10 for both. -tailgate cap OEM. $20 $15 obo -Silverado door trim. $10 for all- obo
  13. Smith2260

    Free- 4 used ranger tires.

    Just made another post with other used tires and rims. Sorry, not new. But still usable.
  14. Selling used Ranger / RZR tires and rims. There are a few to list, so please Pm/call/text with questions or better pictures. Live in Queen Creek. Work in Mesa. Thanks for looking. Bobby 480-220-65O1 -(2) RZR/Ranger OEM rear rims 12x8- $60 $40 obo (each) -(2) rear tires. 26x11r12. $30 $20 obo (each) -(1) front tire 26x8r12. $30 $20 obo