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  1. Smith2260

    FS- 4 stock chevy 8 lug rims and tires

    $300 obo
  2. Smith2260

    FS. Soccer cleats

  3. Smith2260

    FS. Soccer cleats

    Sorry not hunting related. But my daughter is selling soccer cleats. She switched to a new type. These are in great shape. Nike Magista Obra 2 turf soccer cleats size 7 men’s. $75 obo Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite FG Soccer cleats size 7 men’s. $95 obo Bobby 480-220-6501
  4. FS- 4 stock chevy 8 lug rims and tires. Two of the tires are in great shape with about 15k on them. The other two are worn but still good. Comes with all four stock hub caps. $325 obo. They came off a 2003 chevy 2500hd. Bobby 480-220-6501
  5. Kind of a long shot. But does anyone have friends or family that may have a room/studio/basement to rent/lease in Laramie Wyoming? My son will be working in Laramie to save money and start school at UWyo in August. He is already there for work. I’d love to be 18 and living in the back of my truck again, but I’d like to see him under a roof at some point before August Thanks for looking! Bobby 480-220-6501
  6. Smith2260

    WTB vehicle for daughter

    Still looking. Driving thru Payson this afternoon. Thanks for looking!
  7. Smith2260

    FREED! instead of sold

    I’ll take them if not to late. Sending pm
  8. Smith2260

    WTB vehicle for daughter

    Still looking. Her 16th birthday is in a week and she’s putting pressure on me to find her a truck.
  9. Smith2260

    WTB vehicle for daughter

    Thanks guys! Been looking at both of those. But the Craigslist stuff is driving me crazy. Sounds great, then it’s a piece of crap. Been looking for a couple months. Thought I’d try here cause I’ve always had good luck with honest folks on CWT.
  10. Smith2260

    WTB vehicle for daughter

    Any trucks for sale out there?
  11. Smith2260

    WTB vehicle for daughter

    Looking to buy a full size pickup or full size SUV for my daughter. I’d like to stay at or under $4000 but would pay more for low mileage or well kept truck. She will be paying half the cost. She is not picky but prefers regular cab/short bed. Two or four wheel drive doesn’t matter. We are in a Queen Creek, but willing to drive for a nice truck. Let me know what you have. Thanks for looking! Bobby 480-220-6501
  12. Smith2260

    WTB hunting rifle

    I bought a very nice rifle for my son today! He will be extremely surprised! His Bday is in 3 weeks. I’ll give an update. Thanks again for all the offers to sell your rifles! Bobby
  13. Smith2260

    WTB hunting rifle

    Can you please PM me more info and a price. Thanks!!
  14. Smith2260

    WTB hunting rifle

    Siwash- I agree! I got them mixed up. The Winchester is in Tucson and probably sold this weekend. I waited too long and couldn’t get to Tucson soon enough. The Ruger is a little too much for the budget. Thanks for checking though!