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  1. Smith2260

    sxs windshield recommendations

    +1 on seizmik. Folding full windshield.
  2. Smith2260


    Text sent.
  3. Smith2260

    Successful Handgun Hunts

    A couple years ago my then 14 year old son wanted to kill a pig with his revolver. Made me proud how much he shot before the hunt and somehow managed to shoot the smallest pig in the herd.
  4. Smith2260

    WTB Freezer

    Anyone looking to sell a freezer or know of a good contact for a new one? Located in Queen Creek. Preferably a chest freezer but a stand up will work. Thanks for looking. Bobby 480-220-6501
  5. Smith2260

    FS- youth bow- Browning Micro Midas 3

    $80 obo
  6. It is charged from a cord only. No batteries. But I have a battery pack for my phone anyways, so I just keep the charging cord in the pouch with the Inreach. I used it on a couple wilderness hunts last year. I kept it turned off except to check in every evening. After a month it was still above 90% without charging it. Worth every penny!
  7. I agree. Bought one last year. Best purchase Ive made in awhile. Good luck with sale.
  8. Smith2260

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    Trophyhunter- sorry to hijack your thread. To answer your question, my understanding was that you can shoot from the vehicle. We planned on my Dad shooting from the Ranger, but for his buck he laid prone about 50 yards from the Ranger to shoot 250 yards across a little cut, which took forever for my Dad to get comfortable as the buck laid in his bed. Then I found an old two track road and cleared brush and he drove all the way to his buck.
  9. Smith2260

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    It was a perfect hunt for my Dad. He has shot dozens of deer and elk, but he has always been a meat hunter. This was the first time he ever passed on a buck, and he passed 52!! Born and raised in AZ and had never had a Kaibab tag. Construction took its toll on his body and he became camp cook for a few years until he put in for the Champ hunts. This is his once in a lifetime buck!!!! He also killed his best bull elk on a Champ hunt last year!
  10. Smith2260

    Kaibab CHAMP hunt?

    My Dad had it last year. We had a blast. He shot the 53rd buck we saw. Mostly glassing from the Ranger because he can only walk about 50 yards. I will post a pic later. SCI official 214 4/8.
  11. Prdatr- thanks for the idea. I stole a LA spring from another rifle. Will work for now. Thank you.
  12. I forgot about brownells. I will call Remington tomorrow. Thank you
  13. Im not sure. Having a hard time finding this spring anywhere or even a part number.
  14. I checked midway. Looks like they carry everything except the one I need. They dont carry the wsm follower or follower spring. Where else can I look to order one?