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  1. reece_mess16

    4x5 Coues!!!11 Point for You Weirdos🤣

    What an excellent buck! Congratulations.
  2. reece_mess16

    Tags in the mail?

    Mines in!
  3. reece_mess16

    The peaks tag

    Please tell us about the hunt after. I’ve been curious about that hunt for years. Good luck this year!
  4. reece_mess16

    Tick Tock

    Mine got hit 😃. Happy to be heading home after being gone for what will have been 3 years. 🥺
  5. reece_mess16

    Dec 2019 Rifle Coues

    What a beautiful buck! Congratulations.
  6. reece_mess16

    Best AZ Mule Deer Hunt

    I was hoping this would happen ahahahaha
  7. reece_mess16

    And so it begins...

    That late hunt was as tough as everyone said it was going to be but we saw a lot of elk and I had three stalks on 6pt bulls. You can’t ask for much more on a tough hunt like that. Before that I had a marginal unit for Coues and had some serious help from a couple lions herding that buck to me. I’d rather be lucky any day! I love this forum! Thanks for everything guys!
  8. reece_mess16

    And so it begins...

    I want to first thank all of you for not roasting me out of the forum when I began here and asked for ALL your spots in 4B when I drew my late archery tag. I see how annoying that can be. Anyway, I'm ready now, to sit back, lurk, and read all the requests for your information on places. "I'm not looking for your honey hole, but..." Here they come. Good luck to everyone who drew bull tags.
  9. reece_mess16

    Post up your success in tags

    22N Late Late Rifle. I've been stuck in Pennsylvania on recruiting duty for too dang long and it'll be really nice to get back to the West and chase bulls. Good luck everyone! Hopefully we get some sweet picture and write ups!
  10. reece_mess16

    There up !

    22N late late
  11. reece_mess16

    Credit Card Hit

    Card was hit! Most likely 7E. I’m thrilled though! I love chasing bulls in AZ!
  12. reece_mess16

    First velvet buck

    Beautiful buck!
  13. reece_mess16

    Tikka T3X vs Savage 110

    My Tikka in 6.5 Creedmoor was a dream to hunt with last year!
  14. reece_mess16

    Have you guys ever seen anything like this?

    Thats wild but I guess guys are seeing it and now I need to go check my deer! 😂