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  1. Cosper88

    6A North Side

    Heading out in a few days. I have been scouting for a few trips and just cant get on any sign. Any recommendations? Trying to get my kid his first javelina and really want him to fill his tag so he is hooked. Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated
  2. Cosper88

    Walking or glassing

    So maybe try the glassing in the morning till about 10 and then once more around 4 till sun down? Never glasses before as odd as that sounds
  3. Cosper88

    Walking or glassing

    Question New to javelina hunting here in AZ. I went a few times. Every time I would find fresh tracks and poop. I walk around and search but never find anything thing. I was told you can find signs and just walk about softly and you will run into them. Should I walk about or just post up and wait? How long do you stay in the spot, all day,?