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  1. LungBuster

    Any spring leftover tags?

    Here is a thread in which this was discussed last year. Find out the tag number you drew and that will prove your 2nd choice was drawn in the bonus round.
  2. LungBuster

    "Group Bonus Point Average 1" What does it mean ?

    Well I'd guess that extra point didn't make it into the draw for you. I'd make sure its there before Oct.
  3. LungBuster

    "Group Bonus Point Average 1" What does it mean ?

    You should login to your portal account and see if it shows your hunter's education point.
  4. LungBuster

    Results up

    Dustin - That is same place I was going but I want to know what tag number was issued. That will tell for sure based on the number of tags and some quick math.
  5. LungBuster

    Results up

    High rise - When you login into your portal it tells you the tag number you drew. What tag number did you draw?
  6. LungBuster

    Results up

    high rise - Did you draw your second choice javelina tag?
  7. LungBuster

    Blue Ridge Reservoir

    I was staying a few nights back there last July on the water and the lake was full of large logs for some reason. I've stayed in years past and no logs like this time. Anyway we were fishing from shore about dusk and this canoe came up and asked if we were doctors. The guy in the middle had his leg elevated and wrapped, full of blood, cut himself with an axe. We weren't doctors, so we sent an inreach message back to my wife to have the ambulance meet these guys at the dock. When we came out a few days later my wife made the call and said the sheriff's office said they get quite a few calls like that every year. Here are a few pictures of the logs I'm talking about. They were everywhere, these guys only had headlights, I'm not sure how they were going to navigate in the dark back that mile or so.
  8. LungBuster

    Any sheep hits?

    I drew either 41E or 18B. I'm guessing 41E. I had 9 pts, I'd appreciate any PM's with any information. Thanks in advance.
  9. LungBuster

    Vortex Kaibab 20 x 56 HD

  10. LungBuster

    Vortex Kaibab 20 x 56 HD

    I just don't use these enough to keep. I have a pair of 10 x 42 vipers and use those more. $925.00 cash only, I live in north Phoenix and work downtown so plenty of options to meet.
  11. I recently won this at a fund raiser and already have a spotting scope. New and pictures show the details. I live in Phoenix and will only accept cash or will mail for an additional fee using PayPal. $325.00 on the price.
  12. LungBuster

    Decoys While Solo Hunting

    This is what I use: https://ultimatepredatorgear.com/ Straps to your bow. I've used the Heads Up Decoy in the past and didn't like that it torqued my bow when mounted.