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  1. LungBuster

    Any sheep hits?

    I drew either 41E or 18B. I'm guessing 41E. I had 9 pts, I'd appreciate any PM's with any information. Thanks in advance.
  2. LungBuster

    Vortex Kaibab 20 x 56 HD

  3. LungBuster

    Vortex Kaibab 20 x 56 HD

    I just don't use these enough to keep. I have a pair of 10 x 42 vipers and use those more. $925.00 cash only, I live in north Phoenix and work downtown so plenty of options to meet.
  4. I recently won this at a fund raiser and already have a spotting scope. New and pictures show the details. I live in Phoenix and will only accept cash or will mail for an additional fee using PayPal. $325.00 on the price.
  5. LungBuster

    Decoys While Solo Hunting

    This is what I use: https://ultimatepredatorgear.com/ Straps to your bow. I've used the Heads Up Decoy in the past and didn't like that it torqued my bow when mounted.